Revision history for App-VOJournal

v0.4.5  2016-05-16/16:03
	- fixed version strings

v0.4.4  2016-05-16/04:03
	- option '--resume' is now default
	- fixed version numbers

v0.4.3  2015-09-19/11:50
	- t/bug-107065.t: use Probe::Perl to get same Perl for script
	- t/ unlink temporary file after testing

v0.4.2	2015-09-16/10:07
	- fixed bug #107065, added regression tests
	- added command line options '--version'
	- documented options '--basedir' and '--version'

v0.4.1  2015-07-03/10:06
	- fixed a bug that caused an access to an unitialized value

v0.4.0  2015-06-26/14:54
	- command line option '-[no]header' to insert a header
	  indicating the date at the first line
	- command line option '-basedir $dir' to specify a different
	  base directory
	- Build.PL: requires { 'Getopt::Long' => 2.38, } for

v0.3.0  2015-05-31/17:19
	- command line option '-[no]resume' to carry forward old
	  unchecked checkboxes
	- command line option '-editor $editor' to select an editor
	  different from `vim`

v0.2.0	2015-01-11/15:15
	- command line option '-date [[YYYY[MM]]DD' to use another date
	  than today

v0.1.0	2015-01-10/18:36
	This does the basic things:
	- create the necessary directories
	- open journal file with vimoutliner

0.01    1015-01-10/11:43
        First version, not released on an unsuspecting world.