Revision history for App-Zapzi

0.017     2015-03-15 10:42:59+07:00 Asia/Bangkok

  * Skip tests that require Internet connectivity

0.016     2015-03-14 10:35:35+07:00 Asia/Bangkok

  * 'zapzi add -' will read a list of articles to add from standard input
  * Request data fetched via HTTP not to be compressed
  * Better error handling if HTML document has no extractable text
  * Fixes to tests and dist.ini

0.015     2014-08-16 12:42:29+07:00 Asia/Bangkok

  * Option to deactivate links when using HTMLExtractMain transformer
  * Identify .txt files as text correctly
  * (#1) Moved file slurp and other file operations to Path::Tiny

0.014     2014-05-10 18:35:44+07:00 Asia/Bangkok

  * Removed requirement for GD module and system library
  * Remove iframe tags when using HTML based transformers
  * Improved error reporting for transformers

0.013     2014-03-05 20:29:23+07:00 Asia/Bangkok

  * Remove font tag attributes when using HTMLExtractMain transformer
  * Ignore errors from Text::Markdown about matching braces as can
    continue anyway
  * Validate article IDs passed in to command line

0.012     2013-10-29 15:09:24 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Added distributors to deliver eBooks after publication
  * Copy distributor - copies file to another directory eg an eReader
    connected via USB cable
  * Script distributor - runs a script with the eBook as parameter
  * Email distributor - send eBook as attachment to an email address,
    eg to the Kindle personal documents service

0.011     2013-10-07 15:54:47 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Added article move command and documented delete command
  * Set and get config variables from command line application
  * Prompt for user config options on first initialisation
  * Config variable 'publish_format' sets the default eBook format
  * Config variable 'publish_encoding' sets the default eBook encoding
  * Validate arguments to publish command

0.010     2013-09-18 15:13:25 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Support for creating EPUB and HTML format eBooks
  * Encoding options for publishing to each format
  * Don't add a page break to MOBI publications after the last article

0.009     2013-08-24 19:46:48 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Save source of article when capturing it
  * Show a more detailed listing of articles with 'zapzi ls -l'
  * Allow 'zapzi add show' to add an article and immediately show it
  * Skip URL tests if no internet connection

0.008     2013-08-16 18:35:49 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Bugfix for perl < 5.14

0.007     2013-08-16 16:43:31 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Added POD format (by file or module name) for input articles
  * View captured articles in broswer using 'zapzi show'
  * The command to send captured articles to stdout is now 'zapzi export'
  * Updated article fetch tests
  * Added Config helper module

0.006     2013-08-06 15:30:06 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Added HTML transformer for use when HTMLExtractMain does not give
    desired output
  * Added -t command line switch to allow selection of transformers
  * Use UTF-8 to encode MOBI files
  * Bugfix for article test
  * Set Moo version dependency
  * Handle HTML fragments as HTML in files
  * Bugfix for HTML articles with no title
  * Handle HTML pages with two title tags and extra whitespace
  * Format title for text with leading whitespace and long lines
  * Added config table plus support for schema versioning and upgrades

0.005     2013-07-12 22:42:11 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Better validation of URLs
  * Handle UTF-8 text correctly
  * --noarchive option to publish command
  * Correct HTML when using show command
  * Use plugins for FetchArticle
  * Improve test coverage

0.004     2013-07-09 15:10:08 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Added command aliases md, rd and cat
  * Update installation instructions
  * Set explicit version dependencies for modules
  * Use roles and plugins in Transform module

0.003     2013-07-08 23:02:34 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Update READMEs
  * Make implicit dependency on DateTime::Format::SQLite
  * Set error attribute correctly

0.002     2013-07-08 15:40:37 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * --version command line option
  * Handle HTML entities in article titles correctly
  * Use an in-memory SQLite database to speed up testing
  * Tidy up class access

0.001     2013-07-07 22:18:51 Asia/Hong_Kong

  * Initial version