Revision history for App-cpan-reports

0.004   2015-08-07
        Updating for release of version 0.004
        Removed creation of makefile (Ivan Wills)
        Added Perl 5.22 to list of perl versions to build with (Ivan Wills)

0.003   2015-06-10
        Updating for release of version 0.003
        Fixed abstract and changed file name (Ivan Wills)

0.002   2015-05-25
        Updating for release of version 0.002
        Fixed incorrect ignore (Ivan Wills)
        Added TODO to manifest (Ivan Wills)
        Added todo file (Ivan Wills)
        Removed unneeded tag (Ivan Wills)
        Added specific Test::More version for the features being used (Ivan Wills)
        Added config for (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed module name (Ivan Wills)
        Updated changes (Ivan Wills)

0.001   2015-03-01
        Finally got this working (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed typo (Ivan Wills)
        Added lib as I can't see how to make Module::Build happy any other way (Ivan Wills)
        Made the description a little clearer (Ivan Wills)
        Got tests working (Ivan Wills)
        Updated manifest (Ivan Wills)
        Updated License (Ivan Wills)
        Working on documentation (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed boilerplate tests (Ivan Wills)
        Set dependencies (Ivan Wills)
        Removed lib file (Ivan Wills)
        Tag files (Ivan Wills)
        Added implementation (Ivan Wills)
        Renamed file (Ivan Wills)
        Initial commit (Ivan Wills)