Revision history for App-mkpkgconfig

v2.0.1    2020-08-21 13:54:28-04:00 America/New_York


    * specify version of Syntax::Construct that supports aliases

v2.0.0    2020-08-13 16:44:55-04:00 America/New_York

    * mkpkg-config is now mkpkgconfig to avoid breakage with existing uses

    * command line API is totally different
    * -rpath/-Rpath is not implemented

    * first release to CPAN
    * output file is verified to have no variable loops or missing variable dependencies
    * commonly used variables (e.g., exec_prefix, libdir)  may be autogenerated.
    * distribution has self-contained script, batteries included

1.5.3 : 2013-02-27T18:02:11-05:00


    * -rpath now generates -Wl,-rpath,
    * -Rpath (nw) generated -R

1.5.2 : 2012-05-12T10:01:31-04:00

    * if  --pkg was specified cflags was corrupted

1.5.1 : 2006-06-16T11:14:50-04:00

    * initial public release