- Improved handling of non-ASCII characters when naming the URIs.


- Change the colon to hyphens in cache files such that it will work
  for Windows file systems.


- Prefer to use the XDG_DATA_HOME environment variable if set.

- Prefer to use $HOME/.local if the environment variable is set and
  the directory exists.

- Prefer to use the $APPDATA environment variable if set (for

- Continue to use $HOME/.moku-pona even if one of the previous options
  is available. Just move the directory to the correct place if you'd
  like to change this.


- New feature: monitors Gemini and web URLs in addition to Gopher URLs

- Incompatible change: the resulting updates.txt is now uses Gemini

- Incompatible change: creates local Gemini files for Atom and RSS
  feeds it finds and links to them from updates.txt