Revision history for App-nauniq

0.07    2015-01-03 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- Rebuild (Generate

0.06    2014-05-17 (SHARYANTO)

        - No functional changes.

        - Replace File::Slurp with File::Slurp::Tiny.

0.05    2014-05-05 (SHARYANTO)

        - No functional changes.

        - [build] Bump required version of IPC::Cmd (to first version which has

0.04    2014-03-25 (SHARYANTO)

        - No functional changes.

        - Skip testing on win because run_forked() is not available [CT].

0.03    2014-03-19 (SHARYANTO)


        - Remove short option (-n). Aside from -a, I prefer to not adding short
          options that are not in 'uniq'.


        - Add tests.

0.02    2014-03-18 (SHARYANTO)


        - Remove 'uappend' program. I prefer a single program, and this also
          removes duplicated code between 'uappend' and 'nauniq'.

        [NEW FEATURES]

        - Add --append, --read-ouput, -a options to replace the 'uappend'

0.01    2014-03-14 (SHARYANTO)

        - First release, no tests yet.