Revision history for `optex' command.

v0.3 2019-03-21T07:44:57Z

    - Use given name rather than aliased name for rc and module.

v0.2.3 2018-12-27T08:08:49Z

    - requires 'Getopt::EX', 'v1.13.1';

v0.2.2 2018-09-18T09:12:11Z

    - Support UTF-8 file name and alias.

v0.2.1 2018-08-17T04:38:31Z

    - Declare MSWin32 as unsupported.

v0.2 2018-07-01T02:09:04Z

    - Add --exit option.

v0.1 2018-06-25T14:19:03Z

    - Separate

v0.0.15 2018-03-24T05:30:20Z

    - Update license.
    - Update '--ls' output to include aliases.

v0.0.14 2018-02-09T02:09:07Z

    - Hmm... `expr -M` does not produce "-M" on freebsd.

v0.0.13 2018-02-08T14:22:53Z

    - Not to use 'echo' command in test.
    - Update '--ls' format.

v0.0.12 2018-01-24T00:19:54Z

    - Make symbolic link to "perl" for "/usr/bin/env perl" to work.

v0.0.11 2018-01-23T11:31:19Z

    - Put error handling in t/02_config.t
    - Change STDERR background to WINE RED.

v0.0.10 2018-01-17T14:23:14Z

    - Implement "no-module" configuration.

v0.0.9 2018-01-15T23:01:47Z

    - Implement command alias with config loader.
    - Supress wide character warning.
    - false(1) says: The false utility always exits with a nonzero exit code.

v0.0.8 2017-12-29T02:15:43Z

    - Fix wrong "mode" declaration.

v0.0.7 2017-12-29T01:52:51Z

    - Implement "chdir" function in
    - Update to use Getopt::EX new "mode command".

v0.0.6 2017-12-26T01:32:38Z

    - Fix to handle STDERR properly.

v0.0.5 2017-12-22T01:24:38Z

    - Use multiple BASECLASS, and use standard module path.

v0.0.4 2017-12-18T09:11:34Z

    - Use Getopt::EX::Colormap new E effect.

v0.0.3 2017-12-16T19:07:20Z

    - Improve module handling.
    - Implement --io-color option in util::filter module.
    - Set PATH before command execution.
    - Require perl 5.014

v0.0.2 2017-11-28T15:12:44Z

    - Clean up test code.
    - Localize $rcloader to work for self option.
    - Document correction about default startup file.

v0.0.1 2017-11-17T04:46:02Z

    - initial release