Revision history for App-rlibperl

0.700     2011-10-23T04:02:47Z

  - Embed path of installing perl into script shebangs (via EUMM)
    instead of using '#!/usr/bin/env perl'.

0.601     2011-10-20T14:28:11Z

  - Attempt to fix path comparison in tests on OS X

0.600     2011-10-13T16:55:37Z

  - Generate scripts to enable rbinperl to stand-alone
  - Change script shebangs from "bin/sh\neval exec" to "env perl"
  - Implement fixes for Windows
  - Document bugs and compare to App::local::lib::helper in Pod
  - Fix tests to look for perl in $PATH before using $^X
  - Test STDIN pipe

0.400     2011-10-03T15:05:57Z

  - Initial release