Revision history for Perl extension Archive::Tar::Wrapper

0.38 (2020/08/09):
    Fixed issue 17 - https://github.com/glasswalk3r/archive-tar-wrapper-perl/issues/17
    The fixes were only related to different licenses over the files of the distribution.
    Small fixes over the documentation as well.
    No changes to the code. :-)

0.37 (2019/08/24):
    Fixed issue 14 - https://github.com/glasswalk3r/archive-tar-wrapper-perl/issues/14

0.36 (2019/04/11):
    Bug fixes since tests on Windows were failing after latests changes.
    Refactored code due unexpected way bsdtar on Windows and tar on OpenBSD behave.
    Refactored the tests due the bugs found.
    Small fixes on Pod, specially the section for MS Windows users.
    Added the missing tests to the MANIFEST.

0.35 (2019/04/05):
    Added _rem_dots method, a improved way to remove '.' and '..' from readdir(), supposed to be faster than previous implementation with sort() and shift().
    Added two more tests to increase testing coverage.
    Fixed a small bug regarding Pod, that now covers 100% of the code.
    Small fixes to documentation.

0.34 (2019/03/22):
    Increased test coverage.
    Refactored code to make it easier for testing.
    Disabled performance-small.t for now.
    Refactored bzip2 tests.
    Adding META.yml "provides" from Makefile.PL
    Covered methods that didn't have Pod.
    Refactored all Pod following best practices.
    Refactored a single method to be "private".
    Slightly changed new() to enable unit testing for OS specific configurations.

0.33 (2018/07/10):
    Skipping bzip2 testing if the program is not available
    Undeclared dependency of Dumbbench

0.32 (2018/07/10):
    Typo fixed by Mohammad S Anwar
    Refactored performance tests, and now they will run as TODO to test the
    hypotesis that there is a better algorithm to write() method.

0.31 (2018/07/03):
    Enabled performance testing to acquire from different setups which scheme is
    faster to remove dots when reading directories.
    Disabled Solaris OS until issues are fixed.
    Fixed bug introduced in Makefile.PL due changes of release 0.30 (thanks to
    David Cantrell <david@cantrell.org.uk>).
    Updated documentation.

0.30 (2018/06):
    Keeping track of changes per request
    Fixing proper handling of File::Which when checking on Microsoft Windows.
    Refactored troubleshooting messages on Microsoft Windows.
    Bug fixes provided by Shoichi Kaji (skaji at cpan.org) in PRs
    and https://github.com/glasswalk3r/archive-tar-wrapper-perl/pull/8

0.29 (2018/06/25):
    Added Microsoft Windows support with the help of Ingram Braun M.A.

0.28 (2018/06/19)
    Moving Test::Simple dependency to TEST_REQUIRES per issue
    Removed the README (completely replaced by README.md).
    Fixed licensing declaration per
    Refactored more debugging messages with proper use of Log::Log4perl.
    Applied the usage of Test::More is_deeply() whenever possible to improve
    tests results in case of errors.
    Small refactorings.

0.27 (2018/06/15)
    Added Test::Simple 1.302073 as minimum version required to be able to use
    Getting a logger from Log::Log4perl to be able to improve performance by
    avoiding doing expensive string
    concatenation unless the log level allows it.
    Reverted changes on list_reset() to go back reading and printing each line
    recovered instead of keeping it in memory, instead of following PBP.
    Refactored t/001Basic.t by following PBP, using three arguments for open()
    and adding note() to include more information.

0.26 (2018/06/09)
    Implemented refactoring due warnings from Perl::Critic.

0.25 (2018/06/04)
    Implemented refactoring due warnings from Perl::Critic.
    Merge pull request #3 from manwar/suggest-code-tidy

0.24 (2018/06/02)
    Added a LICENSE file (GNU GPL v3).
    Removed MYMETA files (see https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=108171).
    Improved Kwalitee by adding information to Makefile.PL
    Fixed tests under OpenBSD
    Added some code to check for OpenBSD tar, which is not quite compatible to
    the command line options passed by this module.
    Also made the method is_gnu() more robust, testing the return code and
    properly handling STDOUT and STDERR when trying "tar --version".
    Dependencies added are those already available on standard perl (Config and
    Added a README.md for better formatting in Github project page.
    Small refactorings and code formating with perltidy.

0.23  (2015/05/28)
   (ms) Mark Gardner added separate skips in the test suite to deal
        with the absense of GNU tar:

0.22  (2015/03/08)
   (ms) Added tar_gnu_write_options option suggested by Csaba Major with
        tests and docs.

0.21  (2014/10/16)
   (ms) [rt.cpan.org 87536] Setting default umask to get predictable test
        results regardless of local umask settings.

0.20  (2014/09/29)
   (ms) Ignore errors on chown/chgrp when files from different owners/groups
        are copied into a tarball, accept the limitation that they'll be
        owned by the script user unless we're running as superuser.

0.19  (2014/02/16)
   (ms) RsrchBoy added support for bzip2-compressed tarfiles.

0.18  (2013/07/15)
   (ms) Moved to tmpdir() in t/002Mult.t because some smoke testers don't
        like writing into t/data.

0.17  (2013/07/01)
   (ms) Sanko Robinson replaced bin_find() by File::Which::which() to allow
        for better Win32 portability.

0.16  (2012/03/19)
   (ms) [rt.cpan.org 75770] Allow add() with directories, and now preserves
        directory permissions.

0.15  (2011/12/20)
   (ms) [RT 73046] Randy Stauner submitted a patch to reset the directory if a
        write() fails (e.g. because no files have been added).

0.14  (2011/02/12)
   (ms) Added 'ramdisk' feature for Linux
   (ms) More search paths for 'tar'

0.13  2010/02/01
   (ms) Added GNU tar check is_gnu()
   (ms) Added tar_gnu_read_options to specify options like --numeric-owner

0.12  2008/07/03
   (ms) Applied modified patch by Daniel Barthel to enable more
        files added to a tarball than there are allowed on the command

0.11  2008/03/09
   (ms) Skipping one test case for FreeBSD's tar, which does not complain
        if asked to extract non-existent files.

0.10  2007/07/21
   (ms) Skipping unicode tests for perl < 5.8

0.09  2007/07/20
   (ms) Added utf8 support in add($dataref)
   (ms) Fixed bug in add($ref) for adding string data,
        patch submitted by Karthik Joshi.
   (ms) Changed tempfile CLEANUP to UNLINK in test suite

0.08  2006/08/21
   (ms) Added tardir() method to obtain the directory the tarball was
        unpacked in.

0.07  2006/04/02
   (ms) Fixed list_all() to return a ref to an array of arrayrefs, as
        explained in the docs.
   (ms) Added "dirs" option to list directories as well.

0.06  2005/09/22
   (ms) Fixed logging message in tar->read().
   (ms) Additional options can be passed to tar (tar_read/write_options)
   (ms) failed read() no longer chdirs out of the current directory
   (ms) Fixed test suite for different umasks

0.05  2005/09/10
   (ms) 'tar' is now running via IPC::Run
   (ms) read() takes an optional list of files to save space
        in case only a limited number of files is needed from the

0.04  2005/07/24
   (ms) Added eg/tarflat and more test cases

0.03  2005/05/23
   (ms) tarup() no longer uses "." as a directory, but globs for all
        top-level entries
   (ms) critical fix for location of tarred files
   (ms) tmp dir cleanup now handled manually to avoid
        File::Temp warnings

0.02  2005/04/20
   (ms) Added lots of documentation.

0.01  2005/04/10
   (ms) Where it all began.