-*- org -*-

* 0.03 [2011-01-18 Tue]
** Renamed
   This module is renamed from Archlinux::Messages to Archlinux::Term.
   I don't think anyone uses this module anyways so it shouldn't cause
   any confusion. I have not restarted the version to 0.01.
** Exported Functions
   We no longer export all of our functions by default. The module
   user must now use the ":all" export tag to import all functions.
** New Change Log
   I decided to use org-mode for changelogs. I think it will be much
   better than the antiquated GNU ChangeLog format.
   I rewrote the README using org-mode. The logo at the top was made
   with figlet.

* 0.02 [2010-04-11 Sun]
** t/03-noimport.t
   Created new test.
   Forgot to add new tests to MANIFEST.  Added
   01-colors.t and 02-wrap.t.
** lib/Archlinux/Messages.pm
   Added links to Archlinux and git repository.
** Build.PL
   Added link to repository.

* 0.01 [2010-04-10 Sat]