Revision history for Perl extension Argv.

0.01  Thu May 27 14:32:34 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

0.25  Tue Nov  2 22:42:50 EST 1999
	- first CPAN release. NKNTW

0.26  Tue Nov  9 19:36:17 EST 1999
	- Fix Windows autoquoting for paths ending in \

0.27  Thu Nov 11 09:37:06 EST 1999
	- Fix Windows autoquoting again - turn embedded newlines back
	into a literal "\n" so the &*@# cmd shell can turn it BACK.

0.28  Thu Nov 11 22:09:44 EST 1999
	- Bugfix: if ->qx has options but no args
	- Removed unused ->script method.

0.29  Sun Nov 14 12:55:37 EST 1999
	- added Argv->count class method for metrics collection

0.30  Mon Nov 15 12:05:47 EST 1999
	- Bugfix: change shell quoting on Unix to be closer to Win32
	  (quote embedded double-quotes, then double-quote the
	  entire word, rather than try to use single quotes on Unix
	  and the above on Windows).

0.32  Tue Nov 16 16:01:56 EST 1999
	- Added an integration with IPC::ChildSafe. This
	  allows a user to request that commands be run
	  in the context of a single co-process rather
	  than doing a new fork/exec for each one.

0.33  Fri Nov 19 11:45:44 EST 1999
	- Fixed a bug in Argv->quote method.

0.34  Mon Nov 29 13:03:31 EST 1999
	- Lots of POD work.
	- Implemented inheritance of attributes when constructor used
	  as an instance method.
	- Renamed exported qxargv() to qv().
	- Modified many methods to return the object in 'set' mode.

0.35  Wed Dec  8 23:22:54 EST 1999
	- Some cosmetic work.
	- Improved integration with IPC::ChildSafe with quoting fixes.

0.39  Thu Dec 16 21:58:20 EST 1999
	- Renamed 'ipc' method to 'childsafe'.
	- Renamed 'dfltopts' method to 'dfltsets'.
	- Added 'stdopts' method.
	- Allow config data to be specified for methods calling

0.40  Fri Dec 17 20:25:13 EST 1999
	- Added 'autofail' method.
	- Cleaned up PODs some.
	- Reformatted to 4-space indenting.

0.41 Wed Jan  5 12:31:18 EST 2000
	- Renamed 'nativepath' to 'pathnorm'.
	- Worked on 'stdopts' method.
	- Removed overcomplicated 'dbglevel' stuff.

0.42 Sun Jan  9 18:15:39 EST 2000
	- POD work
	- Fixed quoting bug.
	- Defer errors to caller in ipc_childsafe call.

0.45 Fri Jan 14 21:42:12 EST 2000
	- Added anon-hash metthod of setting attrs
	- Implemented non-sticky context-sensitive attrs.
	- Implemented ->stdout(2) and ->stderr(1), etc.
	- Renamed stdopts method to attropts.
	- push(@EXPORT_OK, MSWIN) constant.

0.46 Sun Jan 16 06:18:11 EST 2000
	- bugfix in functional interface

0.47 Tue Jan 18 21:09:41 EST 2000
	- Regularized handling of qx/qv/ccqv/etc

0.48 Sun Jan 30 22:40:17 EST 2000
	- Renamed 'systemxargs' to 'syxargs'.
	- Renamed 'pathnorm' to 'inpathnorm', and added
	  an 'outpathnorm' method as well.
	- Renamed 'cmd' method to 'argv' (to avoid
	  confusion with $self->ipc_cleartool->cmd()
	- Added ->syfail and ->qxfail attributes.
	- Allow hashref attr specifiers to have a leading '-'.

0.49 Wed Feb  2 14:56:04 EST 2000
	- Bugfix - qx() was overwriting stderr output with stdout
	  when both were redirected, in ipc_childsafe mode.
	- Added an "exception-handling" capability. The autofail
	  attr can be a code-ref indicating a function to
	  call on failure, or an array-ref of which the first
	  element is a code-ref as above and the remainder
	  constitutes the arguments to pass to said sub.
	- Allow constructor to be called as ->clone to clone
	  an existing instance.
	- Reworked ipc_childsafe to only allow derived classes
	  access to the coprocess (since the base class cannot
	  directly support it).
	- Reworked attropts() to allow prefix_pattern to be specified.
	- Normalised -dbglevel output somewhat - made normal mode
	  show returned data at dbglevel >= 2 since ipc mode does so.

0.50 Wed Feb 16 11:52:40 EST 2000
	- Added experimental AUTOLOAD capability, analogous
	  to "perldoc Shell".

0.51 Mon Apr  3 17:26:46 EDT 2000
	- The 'quote' method now returns $self instead of @_.
	  This is to emphasize the fact that it modifies @_ in place.
	- Propagate class attributes into the env to set the defaults
	  for child processes.
	- Cleaned up issues related to Getopt::Long::Configure and
	  default settings.

0.54 Thu Aug 10 11:54:14 EDT 2000
	- Compatibility for old Data::Dumper builds without Dumpxs.

0.55 Thu Nov 30 15:14:29 EST 2000
	- Bugfix for case where ->exec returns on UNIX.
	- Bugfix: previous versions silently removed '--' from @ARGV.
	- POD work.


1.00 Wed Aug 29 00:10:24 EDT 2001
	= Test Env: Solaris 8/Win2K SP2/Perl 5.6/CC 4.2
	- Fixed a bug in the interaction with IPC::ChildSafe;
	  the status from system() wasn't being correctly returned
	  in coprocess mode.
	- Added a ->quiet() attribute which suppresses stdout from
	  system and exec (but not qx).
	- Minor cosmetic fix: in verbose mode, quote whitespace
	  so the resulting cmdline can be pasted back into a shell.
	- Insist on a modern (>=2.23) Getopt::Long for simplicity.
	- Bugfixes contributed by Silvio Wanka of
	- Try to use Clone or Storable modules for cloning if present;
	  they're significantly faster. (Then removed Clone again
	  for now, it's not ready for prime time).
	- Minor new feature: the ->autofail exception-handling
	  mechanism now allows a scalar-ref; the scalar will be
	  incremented for each execution error.
	- Improved verbosity (dbglevel=1) to show when cmd lines
	  are split up for syxargs() reasons.
	- Bugfix in ->summary class method.
	- Recognizing that the API has reached maturity,
	  I've moved the version to indicate a released state.
	  I'll try hard to stay compatible with 1.00 in
	  subsequent releases.

1.01 Mon Sep  3 21:53:25 EDT 2001
	- More cleanups of ->summary class method; try to make
	  invocation and argument counts agree better.
	- Bugfix in ->argv method.

1.02 Tue Sep 25 10:17:42 EDT 2001
	- *COMPATIBILITY ALERT*: The ->inpathnorm attribute now
	  defaults to OFF on Windows (it's always been a no-op on
	  UNIX so the only effect is on Windows). In previous
	  versions the default was ON. Programs which depended on
	  this default must now set it explicitly.
	- Reworked ->outpathnorm to be overrideable. This does not
	  change any semantics in Argv per se.

1.03 Wed Oct  3 11:56:58 EDT 2001
	- Added ->envp method to specify a custom environment for
	  the child process.
	- Added ->dump method (debugging aid).
	- Defined a meaning for dbglevel=2; it now shows the $? from
	  each child process.
	- Defined a meaning for dbglevel=3; it now invokes ->dump before
	  each execution.

1.04 Thu Nov  1 10:52:36 EST 2001
	- Clean up and release 1.03 work (1.03 was never released).

1.05 Tue Nov 20 21:48:36 EST 2001
	- Minor cleanup work.
	- bugfix in ->warning method
	- bugfix in interface to IPC::ChildSafe

1.06 Fri Dec 21 07:54:24 EST 2001
	- bugfix to let subclasses interface with their own
	  in-process implementations.

1.07 Sun Jan 13 22:23:38 EST 2002
	- Cosmetic improvements to -> envp work (tighter scoping, no
	  semantic effect).
	- Cosmetic improvement to dbglevel=1 verbosity quoting.
	- Fixed ->exec return codes on Windows ($?<<=8).

1.08 Tue Mar  5 14:37:51 EST 2002
	- Added ->readonly attribute. Helpful with ->noexec (see).

1.09 Wed May  8 17:13:42 EDT 2002
	- Changed autoquoting strategy to always respect single
	  quotes on 'arg', escape "arg" to look like \"arg\", and
	  allow a particular arg to opt out of autoquoting by
	  prepending "^" as in ^arg.

1.10 Tue Jul 22 10:35:41 EDT 2003
	- Fixed contact data.

1.11 Wed Dec 31 12:37:08 EST 2003
	- Allow negative arguments to ->qxargs() and ->syxargs()
	  to specify a maximum command-line length. As a special
	  case, a value of -1 means to look up and use ARG_MAX.
	  Also, the default was changed to -1. Thus cmd lines are
	  now limited by length according to the OS limit instead
	  of an arbitrary number.
	  This was suggested by, and a sample implementation was
	  provided by, Alex Harper of Digital Motorworks.
	- Bugfix: chunked qx() would continue past a failed chunk
	  and lose $?. It still continues but now remembers $?.
	- Feature: the ->argv() method now returns the entire
	  command line when called with no arguments.

1.12 Thu Jan 29 12:31:07 EST 2004
	- Added ->lastresults method for use in exception handlers.

1.13 Fri Oct 29 17:57:01 EDT 2004
	- Fixed a typo reported by Leo Sager which caused internal
	  and external redirections to confuse each other.

1.14 Mon Mar 14 11:13:42 EST 2005
	- Allow ->stdout() and ->stderr() to specify any EXPR
	  which is valid to open(), e.g. ->stdout(">>/tmp/foo");
	- Show redirections in verbosity output.
	- Previously, when std{in,out,err} were turned off, this was
	  done by closing the handle. Now, the handle is connected to
	  the null device (/dev/null or NUL) instead because closing
	  these standard descriptors can raise complications.
	- Various other cleanups vis-a-vis the -std*() redirection methods.
	- Improve ->inpathnorm() reliability.
	- Fix to autoquoting: on windows globbing is not handled
	  by the shell so we let '*' go by.

1.15 Tue Mar 29 23:47:15 EST 2005
	- Show file redirections using \ on Windows.
	- Removed CORE:: from exec functions: unnecessarily
	  constrictive for users.
	- Bugfix: enhanced redirection code was not working right
	  for ->qx (reported by Andrew Maguire).
	- Renamed the ->dump method to ->objdump to avoid name
	  conflicts. I doubt anyone ever used this explicitly
	  (if I'm wrong, sorry!).

1.16 Tue Oct 24 14:40:00 EDT 2006
	- Accepted patches contributed by Kenneth Olving implementing
	  the new ->pipe method and surrounding support code for Win32:
	-   Ensure cloning code also 'clones' the pipe callback
	-   Added code in Makefile.PL to tell user about optional modules
	    useful for the ->pipe method on Win32.
	-   Updated docs and fixed some typos.

1.17 Fri Oct 27 10:29:33 EDT 2006
	- Minor documentation tweaks.

1.18 Fri Oct 27 10:39:50 EDT 2006
	- Fixed a minor POD typo.

1.19 Wed Dec 27 11:25:31 EST 2006
	- No change - dealing with CPAN versioning mistake.

1.20 Tue Apr 24 08:55:06 EDT 2007
	- Unreleased.
	- Minor bugfix from Kenneth Olving for ->pipe method on Win32.
	- Fix POD formatting bug.

1.21 Thu Jul 26 07:12:03 EDT 2007
	- A little more POD work.

1.22 Thu Aug  2 16:02:34 EDT 2007
	- Feature: "Inherit class attributes from subclass class attributes"
	  added to support new work in ClearCase::Argv.

1.23 Fri Sep  5 10:21:25 BST 2008
	- Fix for ClearCase::Argv in fork mode: let double-quotes pass through
	  in unix (revert part of change in 1.09)

1.24 Sat Feb 21 19:54:58 EST 2009
	- Fixed an uninitialized-value warning.

1.25 Sat Jan  9 22:01:29 GMTST 2010
     	- Fix contributed by Ken Ă–lwing to a regression introduced in 1.23 for the
	  Windows case: double-quotes must be quoted.
	- Minimal support for Cygwin.

1.26 Mon Mar  8 06:11:24 GMTST 2010
        - Protection against undef errors in command.
	- Escape backslashes under cygwin
	- Fix contributed by Stephen Rauch: handling same name as opt and arg

1.27 Sun Jun  5 08:26:02 EDT 2011
	- Fix contributed by Stephen Rauch: some verbosity was going to
	  stdout instead of stderr where it should.
	- remove defined(%Argv::Summary): deprecated in Perl 5.12
	- silenced a spurious(?) 5.12 redefinition warning around exec.

1.28 Sat Jan 26 18:15:48 CET 2013
        - Restored Argv::Summary functionality, disabled by the previous fix.
	  Fixes contributed by Marc Girod.