Revision history for Array-AsHash

0.32    2006-08-02
        - Removed Class::Std.  Now it's just a regular blessed hash :(
          This is in response to
, first reported
          by "Venky Iyer" <>
        - Cleaned up some minor POD nits.

0.31    2006-04-25
        - Added "clear()" method (David Wheeler).
        - Fixed doc typo in "push()" (David Wheeler).

0.30    2006-03-02
        - Added key_at() and value_at() methods.
        - Minor documentation fixes.

0.21    2005-10-15
        - Iterator is now object blessed into its own class.  This allows us
          to call "first" and "last" methods directly on the object.

0.20    2005-10-15
        - "strict' mode added.  Using non-existent keys is fatal.
        - "strict" method also added.
        - Reorganized the docs to be a bit cleaner.

0.12    Not released (these are all in 0.20, though)
        - "put" can now accept an even-sized list of pairs.
        - "get" can now take a list of keys.
        - Did a bit of an internals cleanup.
        - each() now returns an iterator in scalar context
             Thanks to Adrian Howard for the suggestion.
        - Added "rename" method.
        - Overloaded stringification as a debugging aid.

0.11    2005-10-14
        - Added "default" method.
        - Added "get_pairs" method.
        - Added "first" and "last" methods.
        - Included test libs.
        - Renamed t/10-basic.t to t/10-hash.t.

0.10    2005-10-12
        - Added "array-like" methods.
        - Updated docs and split tests into hash and array tests.

0.02    2005-10-12
        - Overloaded boolean context so an empty array object returns false.
        - Deleting a single key in scalar context now returns the value.
        - Added clone() method.
        - Fixed bug where setting a false value with insert_(before|after)
          would corrupt internal indices.
        - Updated docs and tests.

0.01    2005-10-10
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.