Revision history for Perl extension Array::Tour.

0.01  Wed Mar 22 15:21:37 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -X -v 0.1 -n Array::Tour
	- Refactored code to make and
	  child classes of Array::Tour.
	- Added packages and

0.02  Thurs Mar 28 2008
	- Added methods _make_array() for creating an
	  internal array for bookkeepping purposes (will be
	  useful for a not-yet written module).
	- Added get_array() to retrieve that internal array for
	  the users.
	- Added method uses_array() so that user can know whether
	  the Array::Tour::XXXX module has an internal array to
	  return, or whether the package works by touring only.
	- Changed pod style to comment individual methods.

0.03  Thurs Jul 31 2008
	- Added  It's suspicously like the "make"
	  code in Games::Maze.  I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
	  Plan to add Prim's and Kruskal's later.
	- Method adjusted_position(), added to, will
	  automatically add the {offset} co-ordinates to the
	  {position} co-ordinates.  Used by base and child classes
	  in the next() method.

0.04  Sat Aug 02 2008
	- First upload to CPAN failed to include and
	  all the tests failed.  Added to the MANIFEST.

0.05  Wed Aug 06 2008
	- Fairly bad POD documentation made less bad in
	- This time remembered to add to MANIFEST.
	  No tests for it yet.
0.06  Wed Aug 13 2008
	- Added {backtrack} attribute to RandomWalk to allow the saved list
	  of previous positions to be accessed randomly or as a stack, in
	  addition to the default queue.
	- Fix the documentation of with respect to the changes in
	  documentation of  Also document the new backtrack option.
	- Added the walktour() function to the file.
      Fri Aug 29 2008
        - The ongoing saga of making the documentation less incomprehensible.
	  This time working on and
      Mon Sep 01 2008
	- It would be nice if I could be consistent with my ordering of columns,
	  rows, and levels.  Fixed a problem with reversed rows and columns
	  values in Array::Tour's _make_array() and dump_array().
	- Added an eg directory and put in as my first example
      Thurs Sep 04 2008
	- Terrible documentation mistakes fixed in and
	  This doesn't mean the documentation is good, of course.
	- Some internal methods now use attributes instead of parameters to get
	  their information.
	- Added options to the script to test features at random.