Revision history for Asset-Pack

0.000008 2017-03-07T13:25:07Z a58e4fc
 - Bugfix: Stop accidentally calling plan() twice in App::FatPacker interop test

0.000007 2017-03-07T11:25:49Z b702db9
 - Bugfix: Avoid failing tests under -Ddefault_inc_excludes_dot
 - Tests made portable on older Test::More's

 - Dependencies changed since 0.000006, see misc/*.deps* for details
 - develop: +3 ↑2 (suggests: ↑2)
 - test: ↓1

0.000006 2015-07-21T13:10:16Z ecb364b
 - Dependencies changed since 0.000005, see misc/*.deps* for details
 - test: -3

 - Document current state of perl version support

 - Undo previous bundling experiment. Upstream are scheduled to potentially ship with 5.6 support, but pragmatically,
   we don't really need it.

0.000005 2015-07-19T20:45:18Z f2f12fb
 - Dependencies changed since 0.000004, see misc/*.deps* for details
 - test: +3 -1

 - Bundling Test::Requires temporarily till upstream re-establish perl 5.6 support in their installer

0.000004 2015-07-13T06:11:23Z fcd9a2c
 [BugFix Bugfix]
 - Actually resolve the change I claimed to fix in 0.000003 because I can't count '0's.

0.000003 2015-07-13T05:40:50Z f70f711
 - Don't execute FatPacker interop test with FatPacker < 0.009017
 - Fatpacking itself should still work before this, but its just not practical to test

 - Dependencies changed since 0.000002, see misc/*.deps* for details
 - test: (recommends: ↑1)

0.000002 2015-07-11T05:00:03Z a542c60
 [Features / find_and_pack indexes]
 - find_and_pack now generates the promised pack index as the root namespace.
 - Index will be updated oppurtunitistically when there are no fails and there are file updates being performed.

 - Generated modules use a slightly more efficient initial DATA -> Scalar slurp

0.000001 2015-07-10T09:11:42Z 1b264d6
 - Initial release.