0.035		2018-01-26	T. R. Wyant
    TODO test because of changed equinox algorithm.

    Remove mailto: bug reporting metadata.  Not that I refuse these, it
    is just that it appears to cause RT to think I will not accept bug
    reports from them.

0.034_01	2017-10-04	T. R. Wyant
    Support for decayed Iridium satellites.

0.034		2017-04-01	T. R. Wyant
  Update FormatTime/DateTime.pm calendar_name code to take advantage of
    the calendar_name() method if present.

  Add 'provides' data to ExtUtils::MakeMaker output

0.033		2017-01-12	T. R. Wyant
  Protect tests from local zone problems

  Use 'use parent' instead of 'use base'.

0.032		2016-12-11	T. R. Wyant
  Use time_local() and time_gm() from Astro::Coord::ECI::Utils. This
    requires Astro::Coord::ECI::Utils 0.077.

    The problem here is that earlier in the year I found that Time::Local
    worked better for dates well away from the current year if I passed it
    the Gregorian year rather than computing the Perl year. But I support
    Time::y2038 for the benefit of older Perls, and it expects a Perl year.
    The fix was to wrap the Time::y2038 calls in code that duplicates
    Time::Local's year handling.

    Thanks to Slaven Rezic for finding this, and for having smokers
    configured with modules like Time::y2038 (which is optional for this
    package) so that he _could_ find it. Kudos!

  Better diagnostics for Date::Manip::DM5 test fails

  Fix deep recursion in ::Macro->wail() & friends

  Support formatting times with any class conforming to the DateTime
    interface, via formatter attribute 'back_end'. If
    DateTime::Calendar::Christian is used her, require version 0.06.

  Support using DateTime (if available) to convert a parsed ISO-8601
    time to epoch. An arbitrary class confirming to the DateTime
    interface can be used instead, if specified.

  Support era indicators (AD/BC, CE/BCE) suffixed to year in the
    ISO-8601 time parser. Yes, this is an extension to the standard.

  Support parsing time with code (a code macro in the case of

  Add interactive method if(), which conditionally executes another
    interactive command. The conditional command can be 'begin', i.e. a
    block 'if'. Conditions include checks for operating systems, whether
    given objects are loaded, and Boolean tests on the values of
    environment variables and attributes.

  Implement block time() (with begin ... end). Like if(), this works
    only interactively.

  Except Template::Exception messages from the localization code.

  Try to warn if loading wrong-case module, if we think we might be on a
    case-tolerant filesystem.

  Add File::Spec to prerequisites

  Redo Astro::App::Satpass2::ParseTime->new() to perform as intended,
    and document its arguments.

  The formatter object now displays its time_formatter attribute as a
    short name where possible.

  Add time_formatter value to 'show' output.

  Allow specifying a time as a scalar reference, The dereferenced value
    is interpreted as epoch.

  Special-case DateTime strftime() format %{calendar_name} to display
    the name of the calendar in use.

  Heuristics to make ODF geocoding more useful. I hope.

  Retract support for Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US. The underlying web site
    has been AWOL since late 2015.

0.031		2016-02-24	T. R. Wyant
  Consolidate development changes into next production release.

  Correct and clean up recommended-module code.

  Document anticipated retraction of Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US geocoding
    support. Skip t/geocode_geocoder_us.t unless author testing

  Add Makefile targets authortest, testcover

0.030		2016-01-05	T. R. Wyant
  Add GitHub repository to metadata.

0.029		2015-12-23	T. R. Wyant

  Make OSM the default geocoder.
    The problem is that geocoder.us (the originial geocoder) has been
    offline for a couple weeks, and it makes no sense to have a broken

0.028		2015-08-29	T. R. Wyant
  Remove notices saying this is alpha code.

  Try to quash errors under Cygwin using DateTime. The problem is that
    we think we can use it, but we get failures when initializing
    because DateTime::TimeZone can not determine the local zone. We
    handle this by checking for it and falling back to POSIX formatting
    if needed.

  Sanitize TZ before using it in tests.

  Eliminate use of deprecated Geo::WebService::Elevation::USGS 'source'

0.027		2015-07-11	T. R. Wyant
  This release should be functionally identical to 0.026, but was made
    because I wanted a production release that superseded 0.026_01,
    which was made due to a bad patch I developed for Date::Manip.

0.026		2015-06-26	T. R. Wyant
  Change localization of equinoxes and solstices to take advantage of
    the Astro::Coord::ECI southern hemisphere functionality. This
    includes not only the default C locale but eg/es.pm.

  Specify encoding UTF-8 for source files. This was always intended, but
    never actually done.

  Skip t/parse_time_date_manip_6.t if Date::Manip and DateTimeTimeZone
    come up with different zones. This is because Date::Manip may not
    default to the right zone under at least some BSD variants,
    resulting in failing tests.

0.025		2015-03-29	T. R. Wyant
  Track interface change to Date::Manip >= 6.49. This involves using the
    SetDate configuration variable instead of TZ, and silently making
    'gmt' (any case) into 'UT'.

0.024		2015-01-10	T. R. Wyant
  Remove TomTom support.
    As of January 5 2015, Geo::Coder::TomTom requires an API key. Since
    I have not been supporting geocoders that require registration,
    TomTom has been dropped. It has not worked since November 2014

0.023		2014-11-17	T. R. Wyant
  Address CPAN Testers failures in t/locale.t under the combination of
    Perl 5.20.1 and MSWin32.

0.022		2014-11-08	T. R. Wyant
  Remove all reference to the 'lit' attribute. This has been removed in
    favor of 'edge_of_earths_shadow'.

  Suspend support for geocoding via TomTom. It appears that TomTom has
    retracted the undelying web service. Support in this package will be
    retracted May 1 2015 unless the situation is resolved favorably
    before then. If the situation is resolved unfavorably before then,
    support will be retracted when I become aware of the fact.

0.021		2014-09-17	T. R. Wyant
  Correctly handle tz attribute when the DateTime date formatter is in

  Fix bug in spacetrack -verbose search_oid and friends.

  Add -setup option to perl() method. This causes the arguments to be
    recorded and emitted by the save() method.

  More informative DateTime time zone error message.

  Rewrite object-specific formatter code to place dispatchers in the
    Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatValue name space rather than use
    AUTOLOAD().  The AUTOLOAD() implementation caused all sorts of
    smoker errors that I was unable to reproduce, and I was averse to
    blindly writing stubs for Perl-defined subroutines.

  Remove subroutine Astro::App::Satpass2::Utils::fold_case(). This is
    documented as private, but since is _was_ documented I decided to
    put it through an abbreviated deprecation cycle.

  Add add() method to Astro::App::Satpass2. This validates and adds TLE

  Remove ::Format::Template::Provider from t/basic.t

  Fix test failures in t/locale.t

  Force stringification of Template::Exception.

  Have the tle_verbose template ignore non-TLE data.

  Fix bug in -choose foo,bar which caused only 'foo' to be chosen.

  Add real localization support. This addresses almost all text seen by
    the user, though I have not done a lot on error messages other than
    put in the calls. A very rough Spanish localization is provided in

  Generate format selection options for tle() based on available
    templates. Basically, if you load template eg/tle_json.tt as
    'tle_json', the -json option will cause that template to be used.

  Drop Astro::App::Satpass2::Format::Template::Provider.

  Refactor and rationalize formatter code.

  Add Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatValue::Formatter to implement custom
    formatters without subclassing. THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL.

  Add Satpass2 interactive method perl(). This executes some Perl,
    either from a file or via an eval. The invocant comes in in

0.020		2014-06-12	T. R. Wyant
  Make use of the TLE illuminated() method To calculate illumination for
    the position() method. This requires Astro::Coord::ECI::TLE 0.064.

0.019		2014-05-14	T. R. Wyant
  Require Astro::Coord::ECI (etc) 0.063.

  Drop default template documentation, which was only intended for
    informational purposes. Instead, we document how to extract the
    default templates.

  Add support for magnitudes. This involves:

    * Add a pass_variant attribute so we can ask for the brightest
      moment in the pass.

    * Add a -brightest option to pass() to override pass_variant, so
      that the interface is at least semi-consistent.

    * Modify the value formatter's magnitude() formatter so that, if
      there is no {magnitude} key in the thing being formatted, but
      there is a magnitude() method on the body, that method is called
      and the result formatted.

    * Modify the template for pass() to check to see whether
      PASS_VARIANT_BRIGHTEST is set, and if so add a magnitude column to
      the report.

    The last point above required a number of supporting changes:

    - Add a want_pass_variant() convenience method to return true if the
      specific variant is wanted.

    - Pass the Astro::App::Satpass object as the sp variable to Template
      Toolkit from the pass() method (and other non- formatter()
      methods) so that the template can see if the brightest moment is
      being requested.

    - use [% UNLESS data %] instead of [% DEFAULT data = ... %] in all
      templates, since it appears that the latter evaluates the
      right-hand side of the expression even if it does not use the
      value. This essentially causes each template to do a default
      calculation (with possible errors) whose result is thrown away.

  Permit initialization with special files. The idea is to allow /dev/null.

  Document the pass_threshold attribute, which was introduced in version
    0.000_38 (2012-01-19!) but somehow not documented then.

  Use of the Astro::App::Satpass2 'lit' attribute now produces an error.

  Suppress errors on pass events which have a numeric value but no
    defined selector. The event is not reported.

0.018		2014-04-13	T. R. Wyant
  Eliminate use of each() built-in.

  Have 'magnitude' format effector call the magnitude() method if the
    body supports it and there is no {magnitude} item in the data.

  Add support for Astro::Coord::ECI::TLE static method

  Bump Astro::Coord::ECI requirement to 0.062.

0.017		2014-02-03	T. R. Wyant
  Require Scalar::Util version 1.25, since that is the version that
    supports dualvar(), which is needed for the body-specific pass
    events added in 0.016.

  Try to get better diagnostics for the occasional load failures
    reported by CPAN testers.

0.016		2014-01-20	T. R. Wyant
  Make the rounding of time for display configurable. The default is to
    round to the nearest second.

  Support body-specific pass events. This is really in support of a
    project to predict sounding rocket visibility based on published KMZ
    files for the launch.

  Add options to the quarters() method to select which are displayed.

  Add eg/quarters_vcalendar.

  In Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatValue:

  * Add formatter method list() to handle TLE output. Handle individual
      lines of the list with sub-templates.

  * Build time formats when used. This to allow subclasses to add time

  "Code macro" support tweaks. This is all still experimental:

  * Add method Astro::App::Satpass2->__add_to_observing_list().

  * Call code macro after_load() (if it exists) after loading the

  * If a code macro is loaded using the -lib option, record the absolute
      path to the directory unless -relative also asserted.

  Fix Astro::App::Satpass2::Format::Dump. No telling how long it was

0.015		2013-11-17	T. R. Wyant
  Require Getopt::Long 2.39 (up from 2.33) because I am using

  Use O-O version of Getopt::Long everywhere, to prevent leakage of
    configuration in (or out).

  Clean up options hash passed to external methods.

0.014		2013-10-14	T. R. Wyant
  Use a mock File::HomeDir object for testing.

  Have the expansion of ~~ throw an exception if the configuration
    directory does not exist. Skip test of ~~ expansion in this case.

  Improve tests that compare path to expected, to handle better the case
    where the path contains a symbolic link.

  Fixed failure in Astro::App::Satpass2::Format->decode(
    'desired_equinox_dynamical' ) when the value was not 0.

  In file name expansion, made ~~/... expand to configuration directory.

  Added the ability to implement a macro as Perl code. These are handled
    by Astro::App::Satpass2::Macro::Code. The corresponding satpass2
    syntax is 'macro load Module_name'. Document this in TUTORIAL.

  Updated required version of Astro::SpaceTrack to one that supports the
    REST interface.

  Require Astro::Coord::ECI 0.57 because of the international launch
    designator problems introduced in 0.051_01.

  Make load_package() optionally callable as a method so it can use the
    same error reporting mechanism as everyone else if it is available.

  Add options to the load_package() calling sequence: lib (which
    directory to add to @INC), complain (how to report validation
    failures), and fatal (whether and how to report failures to load the
    module). A true value of 'fatal' causes the failure not to be cached
    so that another load of the module will produce the same failure.

  Made $satpass2->time_parser( base => ... ) both parse an input time
    and return a formatted time.

  Made time parsing conform to the documentation in that if the time was
    defaulted, the default sets the base time for the parser.

  Implement Astro::App::Satpass2 method sky( lookup => ... ) in terms of
    the Astro::SIMBAD::Client script method rather than the query()
    method, since the former does not use SOAP::Lite.

0.013		2013-02-14	T. R. Wyant
  On failures in t/parse_time_date_manip_*.t, dump the zone of the
    parser object, if any.

  Require File::HomeDir 0.93, since we are using my_dist_config().

  Further tweak dumping of Date::Manip info in tests, in the hope of
    getting enough information to actually diagnose test failures.

  Eliminate warnings in t/parse_time_date_manip_5.t if Date::Manip v5 is
    being used (rather than Date::Manip 6's DM5 back end).

  Bypass Date::Manip::DM5 testing under MSWin32, since it fails and I
    can't figure out why.

  Put traps in t/parse_time_date_manip_5.t to try to figure out where
    the DM5 errors are coming from.

  Fix warning thrown when there is no configuration directory.

  Correct problem with configuring (and dumping the configuration of)
    the time parser. The formatter object was being accessed instead.
    This has apparantly been present since pretty much the beginning.

  Make the time_parser class of record
    Astro::App::Satpass2::ParseTime::Date::Manip rather than ::v5 or
    ::v6, since we have no control over the environment variables in
    effect when we are launched, and thus, if Date::Manip 6 is
    installed, which back end is in use.

  Redo Astro::App::Satpass2::ParseTime::Date::Manip logic so that if
    Date::Manip 6 is initialized in DM5 mode calls to it get routed
    through Astro::App::Satpass2::ParseTime::Date::Manip::v5. This was
    causing failures under Perl 5.8.

  Make 'input redirection' (<file) work, but more like `file`; that is,
    the contents of the file become a token at that point in the

  Make Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatValue more amenable to subclassing,
    though subclassing is still unsupported.

  Give Astro::App::Satpass2::Format a 'value_formatter' attribute to
    control what class (or object) is used for formatting values.

0.012		2012-12-26	T. R. Wyant
  Fix tests to work under versions of Perl that do not allow multiple
    labels for the same block.

0.011		2012-12-24	T. R. Wyant
  Adjust tests for the fact that geocoder.us is (temporarily, I hope!)
    not honoring the requests generated by Geo::Coder::Geocoder::US.

  Add an extra notification to the events generated by
    eg/{pass,flare}_vcalendar, at a minute before the nominal event.

  Another crack at properly testing if two files are in fact the same.

  Tweak eg/pass_vcalendar to work with Mac OS 10.8 calendar.

  Add attribute 'permissive' (and associated accessor/mutator
    permissive()) to Astro::App::Satpass2::Format::Template. This
    defaults to false, If set true, Template-Toolkit is configured to
    accept absolute path names for templates.

  Correct Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatTime::DateTime documentation.

  Try to fix test failure under DragonFly BSD 3.1.0. I believe the
    failure is cosmetic, but ...

0.010		2012-10-26	T. R. Wyant
  Workaround for Date::Manip bug 80435: Date::Manip clobbers $ENV{PATH}
    on *nix.

0.009		2012-10-09	T. R. Wyant
  Have the Astro::App::Satpass2 spacetrack() method _not_ pass the
    options hash to Astro::SpaceTrack method spacetrack_query_v2().

0.008		2012-09-28	T. R. Wyant
  Fix MSWin32 test failures due to equivocation on which slash is used
    for a path delimiter.

  Skip output redirection test under MSWin32. I think the failure is a
    testing problem, but am not sure, so a note was added to the docs on

  Another fix to floating-point formatting normalization.

  Correct typo in core dependencies. Add author test to try to prevent
    this from happening again.

  Try to address CPAN testers failures (unable to load 'strict'), by
    including all core dependencies, and by removing pragmas from a
    helper script.

0.007		2012-09-10	T. R. Wyant
  Suppress 'OK' output in response to Astro::App::Satpass2 method
    spacetrack( set => ... ).

0.006		2012-09-05	T. R. Wyant
  Warn on every use of the 'lit' attribute. This should have been
    warning on first use before, but was not.

  Fix uninitialized value error in Astro::App::Satpass2 when running
    choose() on bodies that do not have a name.

  Add support for displaying TLEs in JSON format. See eg/tle_json.tt for
    an example.

  Add Astro::App::Satpass2 attribute almanac_horizon, which corresponds
    to the same-named Astro::Coord::ECI attribute.

  Track effect of change in the way Astro::Coord::ECI::TLE formats the
    effective date on the tests in t/format_value.t.

0.005		2012-06-22	T. R. Wyant
  Have the Astro::App::Satpass2 init() method only throw an exception if
    the file name was explicitly specified.

  The Astro::App::Satpass2 spacetrack() method was not reporting failure
    if the request failed.

  Try to address test failures in t/whole_app.t under freebsd.

0.004		2012-06-02	T. R. Wyant
  Replace YAML::Any with just YAML. They come in the same distro, and
    just plain YAML does not suffer from deprecation warnings.

  Don't use URI::URL to validate urls for Astro::App::Satpass2 init(),
    load(), and source() methods. Instead, use URI and

  Documentation review - Astrp::App::Satpass2,
    Astro::App::Satpass2::FormatTime::DateTime::Cldr, and the TUTORIAL.

0.003		2012-05-04	T. R. Wyant
  In Astro::App::Satpass2, Remove the status() method's 'iridium'
    subcommand, to remain compatible with the 'satpass' script in

0.002		2012-03-15	T. R. Wyant
  In Astro::App::Satpass2:

  * Add method station() to return an object representing the current

  * Have the choose() and drop() methods throw an exception if they
    would leave the observing list empty.

  * Convert to use the new Astro::Coord::ECI 'station' attribute.

0.001		2012-02-05	T. R. Wyant
  Initial release to CPAN.

# ex: set textwidth=72 autoindent :