2003-07-16  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * DSS.pm: A very minor documenation tweak, if you already have
          v1.6, you don't need v1.6.1
2002-10-03  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * DSS.pm: One line change to make the module work correctly
          on Windows where it needs to be told to write a binary
          file explicitly.

2001-12-11  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * DSS.pm: Modified directory handling, is ESTAR_DATA is not
          defined module will dump files in /tmp by default.
        * t/test.t: Fixed bug in test suite.

2001-12-10  Alasdair Allan <aa@astro.ex.ac.uk>

        * Original version, fully functional, minimal test suite.