Revision history for Perl extension Astro::MoonPhase.

0.10  Thu Jan 20 05:34:08 2000

	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

0.11  Thu Oct 30 15:57:25 PST 2003

        - bug fix. values returned from phase() were incorrect by the amount
	  of timezone offset between localtime to gmtime.  Values were based
	  on the use of localtime() instead of gmtime() in jtime(). jtime()
	  is now much simplified, and jdate() has been eliminated.
	- phasehunt() rewritten, but still returning phases from the wrong
	  lunation, skipping the correct dates. behavior slightly changed.

0.51  Wed Oct  6 14:15:27 PDT 2004

	- bug fix. phasehunt() meanphase() and jyear() rewritten using code
	  from moontool.c version 3.1. Thanks to John Walker and Ron Hitchens
	  for the source code.  Thanks to Janto Trappe and Douglas Clifton for
	  the bug reports.
	- bug fix. daytosecs() was causing new phasehunt() error. jdaytosecs()
	  is now much simplified, and jhms() has been eliminated.

0.52  Thu Oct  7 08:34:06 PDT 2004

	- minor change to authors section

0.60  Wed Mar 21 10:15:45 CDT 2007

	Contributions by Christopher J. Madsen:
	- new function: phaselist
        - real tests