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Revision history for Perl extension sunrise.

0.99  Friday 5 February 2021
      - Overhaul the precise algorithm to follow the algorithm in DateTime::Event::Sunrise
      - Bugtracking is done in Github instead of rt.cpan.org.
      - Skip tests using the local timezone if the system does not provide it.

0.98  Wednesday 16 January 2019
      - Add stuff in the text documenting the astronomical background of the module
      - Fix POD typos
      - Automatic testing of POD files with Test::Pod
      - Overhaul the precise algorithm

0.97  Thursday 19 October 2017
      - Change http to https whenever possible
      - Fix ticket 120598: a test script would fail two days per year
      - Fix ticket 120610: POD typo
      - Add a text documenting the astronomical background of the module

0.96  Wednesday 2 December 2015
      - Fix ticket 109992, prevent endless loops
        (thank you https://geocoder.opencagedata.com/)

0.95  Tuesday 21 April 2015
      - Some improvements in the POD documentation.
      - New time_zone parameter to sun_rise and sun_set.
      - New tests for fork-less systems
      - New tests to check for parameter checking

0.94  Tuesday 10 March 2015
      - Fix typos in the POD documentation
      - Fix problem in the t/03dst.t test file.

0.93  Tuesday 3 March 2015
      - Stylistic and kwalitee issues: license, distro structure, etc.
      - Fix ticket 62593 (patch from Slaven Rezic)
      - Parameters to sunrise can be passed by name (using a hashref)
      - The upper_limb value is not longer hard-coded, it is now a parameter
      - The behaviour for polar day and polar night can change: no warning,
        but a special return value.
      - Make degree-trigonometric functions available for import.

0.92  Monday 8 July 2013
      New co-maint JFORGET
      Fix tickets 47049 and 83394: wrong calculations on 19/20/21 March
      Fix ticket 9377: documentation improvement
      Minor formatting changes and spelling fixes

0.91  Major update to the test script 001basic.t I have added many tests
      for cities around the world. Changed the convert_hour sub to format
      the hour (add a zero).

0.90  Updated the convert_hour sub, This was badly broken Patch from
      Chris Phillps applied. Added Constants for Altitude provided by
      Brian dfoy.

0.85  Wed Aug 14 2003
      Fixed bug in local time conversion (the same bug for 0.05)
      Changed dependency from Time::Piece to DateTime (Per Joshua Hoblitt)
      Updated Documentation to reflect DateTime dependency

0.8   Changed the dependency from Time::Object to Time::Piece
      (shame on me)

0.7   Fri Feb 14 2003
      Fixed a bug in dependency, Added Iteration function, Added
      documentation for subs

0.6  Wed Feb 5 2003
      Performed a complete rewrite of the module to conform with
      Paul's C code. Fixed a nasty bug the computing the number of days elapsed
      since 2000 Jan 0.0.
      Added warnings for no sunrise/sunset
      Added Rob's enhancements using the time object modules
      Added new subs sun_rise,sun_set per Rob's recomendation
      Added Rob's enhancements for selecting different Alt's

0.05  Wed Oct 17 7:00:00 2001
       - Fixed bug for converting to local time for points east of GMT
         Thanks to Adrian Blockley [adrian.blockley@environ.wa.gov.au] 

0.04  Sun Mar 11 13:51:22 2001
    - I've moved the POD around and added a function documentation block for
      the sunrise() function. And I moved all the variables out of the use
      vars block at the top, making them my variables, wherever possible.
      I added a small test suite that leaves a lot of room for future expansion.

      Finally, I moved all of those tiny subs out of the sunrise() function
      into their own space. They are not really private subs, and they are
      referencing values as global variables anyway. Oh, yeah, and I generated
      the README with pod2text so that the README on CPAN will be a little
      more informative. R.Bowen

0.03  Thurs Feb 15 08:30:00 2001
        - Added copyright information
        - fixed bug for converting to local time
        - updated documentation R.Hill

0.02  Tues Jun 20 08:30:00 2000
        - Added code to convert to local time. R.Hill

0.01  Fri Dec 10 08:13:24 1999
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.18