t Revision history for Perl extension Attribute-Handlers

0.50  Sat Apr 21 16:09:31 2001
	- original version; 

0.51	Tue May  1 06:33:15 2001

	- Fixed fatal file path error in MANIFEST (thanks Marcel and Jost)

0.60	Thu May 10 15:46:02 2001

	- Added RAWDATA specifier

	- Cleaned up documentation (thanks Garrett)

	- Added warning for all-lowercase handlers (thanks Garrett)

	- Added autotie functionality

	- Tweaked handling of anon arrays as attribute args

0.61	Thu May 10 16:28:06 2001

	- Critical doc patch

0.70	Sun Jun  3 07:40:03 2001

	- Added __CALLER__ pseudo class for 'autotie'

	- Added multi-phasic attribute handlers (thanks Garrett)

	- Fixed nasty $SIG{__WARN__}-induced bug

	- Cached ref/symbol mapping for better performance and more
	  reliable symbol identification under evil typeglob manipulations

	- Added option to pass arguments when autotied classes are imported
	  (thanks Marcel)

	- Fixed bug in handling of lexical SCALAR refs

	- Cleaned up interactions with other class hierarchies
	  (due to being base class of UNIVERSAL)

0.75	Mon Sep  3 09:07:08 2001

	- Cleaned up AUTOLOAD

	- Numerous bug fixes (thanks Pete)

	- Fixed handling of attribute data that includes a newline (thanks Pete)

	- Added "autotieref" option (thanks Pete)

	- Switched off $DB::single

	- Changed licence for inclusion in core distribution

	- Fixed 'autotie' for tied classes with multi-level names (thanks Jeff)

0.76	Thu Nov 15 06:31:51 2001

	- Fixed documentation nit (thanks Rick)

	- Improving intuitiveness of autotie mechanism (thanks Marcel)

	- Added $VERSION numbrs to demo modules (seems bizarre to me, but
	  they're core too now).

0.77	Sat Jun  8 22:58:56 CEST 2002

	- Since Attribute::Handlers now is core, I will refer to changes
	with their patch number, please read  Porting/repository.pod from
	your a perl tarball for more information.

	- Brought up to date with perl 5.8RC1 version 
	will be 5.8 if no more changes come in

	- [#13686] This changes the behaviour of lexical attributes.
	Prior to this lexical attributes were done at a compile time, 
	and they would loose their attribute on the next run over them.
	Now perl 5.8 calls the attribute handler runtime whenever it hits my.

	- [#14448] Fixes cases with too high refcounts on lexical attributes

	- [#15945] Do not warn about too late CHECK and INIT block if
	A::H is pulled in using a require.

0.78	Sat Oct  5 07:18:09 CEST 2002
	- [#17940] Includes :unique and :shared in the builtin types

	- From perl 5.8 { __CALLER__::foo => __PACKAGE } is missparsed,
	the proper approach is to use  { '__CALLER__::foo' => __PACKAGE }.
	The documentation is updated to reflect this. 
	Reported by Dave Cross


	- The version released with Perl 5.10.0
	- All interpreted attributes are now passed as array references,
	  eventually nested.
	- Don't AUTOLOAD DESTROY (Jerry D Hedden, cpan bug #1911)
	- A::H is now able to report caller's file and line number
	  (David Feldman)

0.80	Fri Oct 24 12:06:00 CEST 2008
        - CPAN release of the Attribute::Handlers version in bleadperl.
0.81	Sun Nov  9 22:47:00 CET 2008
        - Fix to make tests work on 5.6.X (Eric Rybski, RT #40781)

0.82	Wed Mar 11 17:17:00 CET 2009
        - Bring test code in line with core perl.
0.83	Fri Mar 13 15:14:00 CET 2009
        - Re-add a TODO marker in the tests that would fail on 5.6.2.

0.84	Wed Jun 10 15:14:00 CET 2009
        - Core-CPAN synchronization

0.85	Thu Jun 11 09:31:00 CET 2009
        - Document findsym for the sake of mod_perl. (David Wheeler)
        - Remove unused variable. (David Wheeler)

0.86	Sat Aug  8 12:41:00 CET 2009
        - Add resources (bugtracker, ...) section to META.yml

0.86_01	Thu Sep 17 10:01:00 CET 2009
	- From perl change 09330df80caf214f375fcf0c04857347e3b17c69 (Zefram):

          Fix [perl #66970] Incorrect coderef in MODIFY_CODE_ATTRIBUTES

          Attribute handlers being applied to a temporary CV has actually been
          reported as a bug, #66970.  The attached patch fixes the bug, by
          changing the order in which things happen: attributes are now applied
          after the temporary CV has been merged into the existing CV or has
          otherwise been added to the appropriate GV.

          The change breaks part of Attribute::Handlers.  Part of A:H searches the
          package to find the name of the sub to which a :ATTR attribute is being
          applied, and the correct time at which to launch that search depends
          crucially on the order in which the CV construction events occur. So
          this patch also includes a change to A:H, to make it detect which way
          things happen.  The resulting A:H works either way, which is essential
          for its dual-life nature.

0.87	Mon Sep 21 15:55:00 CET 2009
        - Promote to stable release

0.88   Mon Apr  5 16:33:00 CET 2010
	- Avoid clobbering $_ (perl #74052, LanX)

0.91	Fri May 20 20:00:00 CET 2011
	- Typo fixes in documentation
	- POD link fix.

0.93	Mon Dec 19 09:19:00 CET 2011
	- documentation: "my" should be "till" (Frederic Briere)
	- Spelling fixes (Father Chrysostomos)
	- Indentation fixes (Father Chrysostomos)

0.96	Fri Mar  7 08:30:00 CET 2014
	- Documentation fixes
        - Replace use of base.pm with parent.pm