0.021 - 
 * LibraryLoader fix at 0.020 wasn't actually released. It's
   in this release instead.

0.020 -
 * Testing if the path used to find plugins actually contains
   readable directories should work better now.
 * Added const char* to typemap, which may or may not fix the
   problems building these modules on 5.6.x perls.

0.019 -
 * Fixed the tests - there was a dependency on a LADSPA plugin
   that isn't part of the ladspa dev 

0.018 -
 * Networks are now subclasses of Class::Publisher instead of


 * NOT RELEASED due to bugs in Class::Observable, see
 * Audio::LADSPA::Network is now a subclass of Class::Observable 
 * Added sample_rate and buffer_size methods to Audio::LADSPA::Network
 * Audio::LADSPA will now only load the first version of any given
   library it finds in $ENV{LADSPA_PATH}. (this used to throw a 
   pretty useless exception).
 * Upgraded ppport.h to the version shipped with perl 5.8.8

0.016 -
 Some changes to improve automatic builds and tests:
 * Default build now skips tests if the SDK libraries can't be
 * Default build skips playing audio if Audio::Play isn't 
 * Documentation updates.

0.015 -
 * Audio::LADSPA::Network now works with new (0.5) Graph module
 * Removed user querying at end of tests so the tests can be run
   without user intervention
 * Some additions to Audio::LADSPA::UserGuide

0.014 -
 * Network now checks wether added plugins are already connected
   (the documentation already claimed that it did)
 * *_uniqid methods added (requires Data::Uniqid)
 * Some documentation additions

0.013 -
 * Changes to the Audio::LADSPA documentation
 * Audio::LADSPA->plugins now also returns any loaded
   perl-based ladspa plugins

0.012 -
 * Fixed bug in Network code that would trip up Network->disconnect
   2 times out of 3

0.011 -
 * added port2index method to plugins
 * added connections method to Network
 * added delete method to Network
 * allowing connections from audio port to control port
 * added documentation for all the port information methods,
   slight other improvements to the documentation for
 * added Audio::LADSPA::Plugin::Sequencer4

0.010 -
 * Oops: added Scalar::Util to the prerequisites in the top-level 
 * Now tested with gcc-2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease)
   this seems to catch the non-C'99 incompatibilities.
 * Documentation fixes (mainly typos)

0.009 -
 * All dependencies are now declared in the top-level Makefile.PL
   (should make CPAN a bit happier)
 * Some bugs have been fixed
 * Implemented a non-C'99 compatibility patch by Mike Castle.

0.008 -
 * Added Audio::LADSPA::UserGuide and expanded the documentation
   in general.
 * Added Audio::LADSPA::Plugin::Perl & Audio::LADSPA::Plugin::Play
 * made Audio::LADSPA::Network a lot more usable.

0.007 -
 * Removed Port objects - access is now done via Plugin methods
 * Made test rely in Audio::Play instead of Audio::Wav
0.006 -
 * Added simple buffer arithmatic
 * Fixed some bugs
 * Added simpler interface to buffer get/set methods 

0.005 - 
 * Initial release
 * Tests make 'beep beep' sound :-)