Revision history for Perl extension Audio::Wav.

0.14  Sun Apr 27 00:50:07 EDT 2014
  - bugfix for,
    thanks to Haruka Kataoka

0.13  Fri Mar 30 21:17:18 GMT 2012
  - read: don't call close() at DESTROY time when the file handle
    creationfailed during new() (Murali Ramanathan)
  - apply patch to allow read/write of files from handle (Dan Church)
  - fix problem with $^X under mod_perl (thanks, mario and david!)
  - fix bug in perldoc (Sergei Steshenko)
  - fix problem with writing 24,32 bps files reported by Sergei Steshenko:
  - spelling fixes from debian

0.12  Sun May 30 08:45:03 GMT 2010
  - don't use values > MAXINT. +2147483648 is not a valid unsigned
    int32 (it's MAXINT+1). while we're at it, put all constants in
    the XS in hex format for clarity. possibly fixes:
  - fall back to pureperl when Inline::C is installed but not functional
    as reported by Michel Lanne.

0.11  Fri Mar 12 04:12:44 GMT 2010
  - fix two bugs triggered with inline on win32 - one related to assuming 
    C99 support and one related to lack of stdint.h or equivalent. tested
    with strawberry perl, should work with msvc too. bug report here:
    same smoker reports tests with 0.11 here: 

0.10  Sun Feb 14 04:09:00 GMT 2010
  - add COPYRIGHT information for debian folks
  - include xt/

0.09  Thu Feb 11 14:58:37 GMT 2010
  - Support 24 and 32 bit wav reading w/o Inline::C (from Wolfram humann)
    ( see )
  - add a META.yml and some other easy kwalitee tweaks
  - Audio::Wav::Read::_has_inline moved to Audio::Wav::_has_inline so
    it can be queried before instantiating a reader (and later be used
    internally for Audio::Wav::Write)

0.08  Tue Feb 09 06:29:43 GMT 2010
  - fix regression: read() returned bogus samples when Inline::C not available

0.07  Sun Feb 07 18:05:41 GMT 2010
  - change API so you can call Audio::Wav->{read|write} w/o new() if preferred
  - increase pure perl read speed by a factor of ~2.4
    * remove unnecessary bounds check
    * put block in closure, avoiding double hash lookup
    * put $block assign in _init_read_sub, put read_sub in closure, too
    * pull $handle into closure:
    * get rid of closure, and get rid of read() - inline it with $read_sub
  - use Inline::C (if available) to increase read speed by a factor of ~2.3
  - experimental support for reading 24- and 32- bit data (suspected to
    work on little endian machines that use Inline::C)

0.06  Wed Mar 22 12:00:00 2006
  - Fixed a circular reference in Audio::Wav::Write::Header that was causing
    memory to leak (thanks Sumitro Chowdhury).
  - Tidied up bits and pieces.
  - Added very basic support for WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE.
  - When writing files, finish() will now be called by DESTROY if necessary.

0.05  Tue Oct 25 12:20:00 2005
  - Audio::Wav::Read::position_samples should have divided by block_align
    rather than multiplied (thanks David Brandt).
  - Fixed bug where unknown blocks weren't skipped (thanks Robert Hiller).

0.04  Thu Dec 30 07:47:00 2004
  - fixed a bug in Audio::Wav::Read::move_to, now adds where the data
    actually starts to the position given.
  - Audio::Wav::Read::move_to now rereads data length to see if file has
    grown since this was last read.
  - added method Audio::Wav::Read::reread_length, rereads the length of
    the file in case it is being written to as we are reading it.
  - added method Audio::Wav::Read::read_raw_samples which will read X
    samples in raw format.
  - added method Audio::Wav::Read::position_samples which returns the
    current audio data position in samples.
  - in method Audio::Wav::Write::add_cue, if sample position supplied
    is undefined, then the position will be the current position (end
    of all data written so far).
  - in method Audio::Wav::Write, moved the option of not caching data
    from the write_raw method to new.

0.03  Fri Jun 11 13:29:00 2004
  - minor bug fix to pass tests with Perl 5.8.3 (thanks to Jeremy Devenport).

0.02  Sat Sep 01 15:15:00 2001
  - works on big endian machines!
  - no need for Audio::Tools anymore
  - added support for info & sampler blocks.
  - now honours padding bytes
  - read & read_raw no longer return non-audio data.
  - added error handler.
  - slight speed improvement for read & write methods
  - some other fixes.

0.01  Fri Dec 11 05:54:22 1998
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.18