2008-04-20  dave

	* [r35] Build.PL:
	  Added dist_version to Build.PL and incremented for release.
	* [r34] Build.PL:
	  Made Build.PL non-executable.

2007-04-01  dave

	* [r33] lib/AudioFile/Info.pm:
	  Changed contact address and copyright details
	  Fixed copyright in README
	  Added Makefile.PL to MANIFEST
	* [r31] lib/AudioFile/Info.pm:
	  Changed $VERSION definition
	* [r30] Build.PL:
	  Changed makefile parameter to 'traditional'

2005-04-23  dave

	* [r29] META.yml:
	  Removed META.yml (which is autogenerated)

2005-03-01  dave

	* [r28] MANIFEST, META.yml, lib/AudioFile/Info.pm, t/1.t:
	  Improved test coverage
	* [r27] lib/AudioFile/Info.pm, t/3_pod_coverage.t:
	  Changes to test Pod coverage (and, hence, improve kwalitee).

2004-05-13  dave

	* [r26] MANIFEST, t/2_pod.t:
	  Added tests for pod
	* [r25] Makefile.PL:
	  Removed it again
	* [r24] Makefile.PL:
	  Added Makefile.PL
	* [r23] Changes:
	  Removed Changes from cvs

2004-02-17  dave

	* [r22] lib/AudioFile/Info.pm:
	  Added some docs about writing data.
	  Brought the list of plugins up to date.
	* [r21] Build.PL, META.yml:
	  Added YAML to the pre-reqs

2003-09-29  dave

	* [r20] lib/AudioFile/Info.pm:
	  Only look for the config file if it's necessary (which is never
	  during testing).
	* [r19] Changes, META.yml:
	  Various fixes

2003-09-28  dave

	* [r18] lib/AudioFile/Info.pm:
	  Changed docs to discuss plugins.
	* [r17] Changes, MANIFEST:
	  Added Makefile.PL to MANIFEST.

2003-09-27  dave

	* [r16] Changes, META.yml, README:
	  Regenerated META.yml.
	  Changed README to describe Module::Build installation procedure.
	* [r15] t/1.t:
	  Stripped down test file.
	* [r14] t/2.t, t/test.mp3, t/test.ogg:
	  No longer required
	* [r13] Changes, META.yml:
	  Changes for the project re-org.
	* [r12] Build.PL:
	  Changes for the re-org of the project.
	* [r11] README:
	  Updates for the reorganisation.
	* [r10] MANIFEST:
	  Various changes.
	* [r9] lib/AudioFile/Info.pm:
	  Moved plugins out into separate distributions.
	  Introduced repository of plugins.
	* [r8] lib/AudioFile/Info:
	  Moved to separate plugin projects.

2003-08-10  dave

	* [r7] lib/AudioFile/Info.pm, lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3.pm,
	  Added RCS tags
	* [r6] AudioFile-Info-0.01.tar:
	  Removed tarball
	* [r2] AudioFile-Info-0.01.tar, Build.PL, Changes, MANIFEST,
	  META.yml, README, lib, lib/AudioFile, lib/AudioFile/Info,
	  lib/AudioFile/Info.pm, lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3.pm,
	  lib/AudioFile/Info/Ogg.pm, t, t/1.t, t/2.t, t/test.mp3,
	  Initial revision


	* [r1] .:
	  New repository initialized by cvs2svn.