2008-04-20  dave

	  Removed svn:executable from MANIFEST and README
	* [r13] Build.PL:
	  Fixed bug from previous fix.
	* [r12] Build.PL:
	  Cleaned up Build.PL.
	  Switched to creating traditional makefile.
	* [r11] lib/AudioFile/Info/Build.pm,
	  Changed $VERSION to use svn revision numbers.
	  Added $VERSION to AudioFile::Info::Build.
	* [r10] Build.PL:
	  Removed svn:executable from Build.PL.

2006-06-15  dave

	* [r9] MANIFEST, lib/AudioFile/Info/Build.pm,
	  lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Info.pm, t/2_write.t, t/4_pod_coverage.t:
	  Added pod coverage tests and pod to pass these tests.

2005-04-23  dave

	* [r8] META.yml, Makefile.PL:
	  Removed files that are autogenerated

2005-03-01  dave

	* [r7] MANIFEST, t/2_write.t:
	  Added (largely pointless) writing tests
	* [r6] MANIFEST, lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Info.pm, t/3_pod.t:
	  Added pod tests

2003-09-27  dave

	* [r2] Build.PL, MANIFEST, META.yml, Makefile.PL, README, lib,
	  lib/AudioFile, lib/AudioFile/Info, lib/AudioFile/Info/Build.pm,
	  lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3, lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Info.pm, t, t/1.t,
	  Initial revision


	* [r1] .:
	  New repository initialized by cvs2svn.