2009-07-26  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Tag.pm: Go back to manual version

	* commit ec2ed6ad3b9f9b1a964fd99079e4ec08c8d99a56

2009-07-26  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* Build.PL: Added YAML to dependencies.

	* commit 6bf1e3913a86a9fd84d303916732fb373afbda57

2006-06-15  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Tag.pm: Version bump

	* commit 5aad62ea28f8102607e00a903a18ec44e0f526a4

2006-06-15  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* MANIFEST: Added pod coverage tests to MANIFEST

	* commit 358859c2553aa046d6be3d791169eaf92aeee850

2006-06-15  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* lib/AudioFile/Info/Build.pm, lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Tag.pm,
	t/4_pod_coverage.t: Added 4_pod_coverage.t and pod to pass these
	new tests.

	* commit 2f8354a393b4423acaae8741749e8eea8b8c1d41

2005-04-23  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* Changes: Removed autogenerated files

	* commit 98126658b056ed448fab9f0179322d9324867050

2005-03-01  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* MANIFEST, lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Tag.pm, t/1_read.t,
	t/2_write.t, t/3_pod.t: Added pod tests

	* commit 3a0297cad02820d5fc5f7816521ec4f156afb3e4

2004-02-25  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Tag.pm: * Don't try to close a file
	that isn't open * Create new tag frames if they don't exist

	* commit b034f24ee011e57fc15fb93f1f1f0e174fb06551

2004-02-25  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* Build, META.yml, Makefile, Makefile.PL: Removed (not needed
	in CVS)

	* commit eb664dfd164a99dec7f5ca9c0f5a2dfe66226df8

2004-02-17  Dave Cross  <dave@dave.org.uk>

	* AudioFile-Info-MP3-Tag-pod.html, Build, Build.PL,
	Changes, MANIFEST, META.yml, Makefile, Makefile.PL, README,
	lib/AudioFile/Info/Build.pm, lib/AudioFile/Info/MP3/Tag.pm,
	t/1_read.t, t/2_write.t, t/test.mp3: Initial revision

	* commit a7dd740f81b37cdf00ab9ae48448bc0ab188c621

2004-02-17  (no author)  <(no author)@432e7aa8-2a18-0410-b4ff-fb2f8541cac7>

	* : New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

	* commit b427c9334d8c8b1c73b3c40d774e414f2fda99e6