Revision history for Audit-DBI-TT2

v2.3.0  2017-03-20
        - Relicensed under Perl 5 terms.
        - Cleaned up dependencies.

v2.2.5  2014-04-20
        - Fixed "package version matches dist version" for CPANTS.
        - Fixed license declared in meta files.
        - General cleanup.

v2.2.4  2013-06-15
        - Fixed test conditional.

v2.2.3  2013-06-14
        - Fall back to a simpler test on some architectures with a non-working
        - Added support and badge.

v2.2.2  2013-06-02
        - Fixed conditional.

v2.2.1  2013-06-01
        - Improved test to detect if tzset() is available.

v2.2.0  2013-05-28
        - Replaced Data::Dumper with Data::Dump.
        - Skipped time formatting test for platforms without POSIX::tzset().

v2.1.1  2013-05-21
        - Use fixed indentation in tests, to be able to compare the output.

v2.1.0  2013-05-17
        - Removed Class::Date dependency, replaced by POSIX functions.

v2.0.0  2013-05-14
        - Split Audit::DBI::TT2 off the Audit-DBI distribution, as it adds
          several large dependencies but it is not necessary for the use of
          the audit system itself.
        - Added tests for all the subroutines.

Important: this distribution was previously bundled as part of Audit::DBI, and
was split in v1.8.0. To prevent issues with reindexing in CPAN, Audit::DBI::TT2
starts at v2.0.0.