Revision history for Perl extension Authen::TacacsPlus.

0.01  Mon Dec  8 16:05:51 1997
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

0.16  Mon Apr 26 10:22:22 1999
	- Now does PAP and CHAP authentication, as well
	as the original ASCII. PAP and CHAP use TACACS+ version 1
	- Added flag to make_auth to specify the
	authentication type, plus string lengths (because
	in some auth types, the password string may contain NULs.
	- Added optional flag to ->authen() to specify the
	authentication type. Defaults to ASCII
	- Some reformatting to make it easier to read.
	- Cleaned up Makefiles so it builds cleaner
	- Mike McCauley (

0.17 Sat Sep 22 2007, Mike McCauley
     - Mike McCauley ( is now co-maintainer.
     - DISTNAME changed to Authen-TacacsPlus to be consistent with file
     naming of other Authen modules.
     - readme changed to README.
     - Added licensing statement to README, with the approval and consent of
     Mike Shoyher.
     - Fixed a typedef in md5.h that breaks md5 on 64 bit machines. Patch
     provided by Ernst Oudhof.
     - Removed bogus broken constant TACACS_CLIENT.
     - Fixed a number of compiler warnings, but still does not compile on

0.18 Sat Mar 15 2008, Mike McCauley
     - Disabled default setting of -symbolic in Makefile.PL
     on Solaris since it seems to be
     no longer required on most platforms.
     - Improved errmsg() so it works as advertised
     - test suite now uses Test.
     - test suite now skips if there is no Tacacs server to test against

0.19 Sun Mar 16 2008, Mike McCauley
     - Fixed 'make test' failure in taclibplus due to missing pure_all target

0.20 Fri July 10, 2009 Mike McCauley
     - Fixed incorect spelling of 'Authentication' in tac_client.c
     - implements a 
     timeout for the connect() operation. It uses the timeout value which is
     passed to the init_tac_session() function. Contributed by Robert Leibl

0.21 Sat Aug 13, 2011 Mike McCauley
     - Changes to to permit multiple servers to be specified in
     new(). Patches provided by Paulo A Ferreira.
0.22 Wed Jan 18, 2012 Mike McCauley
     - Fixed warning under perl 5.14g

0.23 Wed Aug 23, 2012 Mike McCauley
     - Fixed problems in low level read_data() function triggered when an
     incorrect key is used with some Tacacs+ servers, resulting in a 0-length
     read(), causing a seg
     fault on some platforms, and a very slow exit on others. This problem
     appears to have been in tac_client ever since I inherited this library.

0.24 Fri Mar 22, 2013 Mike McCauley
     - Updated author and distribution location details to

0.26 2015-12-08 Mike McCauley
     - pass CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS explicitly in the subdirectory to get all
     hardening flags, Patch from Florian Schlichting.

0.27 2020-02-09  Mike McCauley
     - Patch from Jacob Farkas via RT to allow building under on Alpine Linux
     under Docker on armv7l, and possibly others

0.28 2020-03-14 Mike McCauley
     - Patch from Heikki Vatiainen:
     - File descriptor leak introduced in release 0.25 where check for open 
     connection was added to TacacsPlus::close() before calling tacpluslib's 
     - File descriptor leak in tacpluslib's init_tac_session where close() 
     was not called for the newly created socket if, for example, destination 
     host was unreachable
     - Port and Timeout TacacsPlus::new() parameters were documented 
     incorrectly. The are not passed within array references.