AxKit2 Changes

These are just what seemed relevant for the release. For a full timeline see

    --  Only load Data::Dumper and Devel::GC::Helper in the forked process when
        doing "leaks" in the console so as not to bloat the parent.
    --  Many fixes to serve_file
    --  Continuation support
    --  Much improved error handling
    --  Implemented error output for most non-OK responses
    --  Improved gallery speed
    --  Made keep-alives work
    --  Numerous performance improvements
    --  New config directive system
    --  Added typeless_uri plugin
    --  Work around a bug in debian's libxml-perl-sax-base
    --  Fix small security hole in doc_viewer plugin
    --  Implemented test framework (and some tests)
    --  Fully implement AIO versions of uri_to_file and serve_file
    --  Support HTTP/0.9 requests
    --  Support If-Modified-Since/Last-Modified in serve_file
    --  Fully fix path_info parsing to be same as Apache HTTPD
    --  Added typeless URI plugin
    --  Added LOADS of documentation
    --  New plugin configuration API allows plugins to add config items
        trivially with almost zero code
    --  Accept inbound connections faster
    --  Added initial version of webmail plugin
    --  Added parse_post_data plugin (for parsing POST request data)
    --  Added spod5 presentation sytem (better than AxPoint!)
    --  Support dumping the stack trace in the log for error_xml plugin
    --  Added generic_transform plugin, a static transformation pipeline
        builder as it was common in AxKit1
    --  Added moewiki - a tiny AxKit2 wiki in 30 lines of code
    --  Added a favicon.ico

    -- Initial release