Revision history for Benchmark-Perl-Formance-Cargo

0.07      2012-08-23
        - Declare in META files that share/ is not to be indexed
          [Randy Stauner]

0.06      2012-08-16
        - re-release due to wrong upload subdir

0.05      2012-08-15
        - Dist::Zill'ified
        - lib/auto/ now share/
        - add cargo perl6-std for P6STD plugin
        - remove legacy MooseTS cargo

0.03      2012-04-18
        - no idea where that release came from...
          (me sleep walking?)

0.02      2010-07-27
        - snapshot of Perl::Critic sources
          We will use this to run Perl::Critic on itself, once with the
          upstream version and once the bundled cargo version. So
          this source files are used as target source code to be
          evaluated and as static snapshot of Perl::Critic itself.

0.01      2008-08-13
        - Initial version