* HTSlib 1.9 compatibility
  * CentOS 7 compatible installation, courtesy of John Marshall
  * BioPerl version agnostic installation process
  * bugfix #75: reset versioning to avoid confusing perl runtime
  * bugfix #81: install in sudo-less environments, e.g. docker containers
  PR#83 - https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS/pull/83, courtesy of John Marshall
  * bugfix #76, #82 - memory leaks due to improper use of bcf_get_format_float/_char/_int32() buffers
  PR#84 - https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS/pull/84, courtesy of John Marshall
  * Ignore .gzi index files and clean test output files
  PR#87 - https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS/pull/87, courtesy of John Marshall
  * Documentation fixes

  * VCF/BCF interface enhancements:
    - retrieve header formatted text
    - fetch all info/format fields in a row
    - query arbitrary regions over tabix indexed VCF or CSI indexed BCF files
  PR#68 - https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS/pull/68 courtesy of John Marshall
  * Refcount-based fix for index memory releasing problem
  PR#71 - https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS/pull/71 courtesy of Rob Aganrab
  * fix minor POD issues
  * Tabix changes: header represented as empty string when none is available;
    querying over an unrecognised seq region returns undefined, not an iterator
  * Bugfix: read SAM header when iterating over alignments, see issue #54
  * Bugfix: could not handle sorting when building index for CRAM files
  PR#64 - https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS/pull/64, courtesy of John Marshall
  * Implement filter for features of type coverage
  * Minor warning, memory leak and typo fixes
  PR#58 - https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS/pull/58, courtesy of Keiran Raine
  * Minimal support for BAM with csi index (no index generation)

  PR#50 - https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS/pull/50
  * Guarantee resource deallocation  by adding DESTROY methods to replace close methods
  * add Bio::DB::HTS::VCF::HeaderPtr and Bio::DB::HTS::VCF::RowPtr packages

  * Use the htslib his_remote function to determine which files are remote
  * Add output filename to wget functon in install script, courtesy of Zhicheng Liu
  * Use htslib v1.5 by default in install script
  * Use filetest access to allow POSIX ACLs, courtesy of Can Wood
  * Copyright updates
  * Update TravisCI Perl test versions

   * change BioPerl version required in Build.PL to be 1.6.1

   * tabix index files downloaded by default to system tmp directory
   * bugfix - Specify correct end when calling coverage if none specified
   * Create a way to Tabix query against chr containing ':', courtesy of Keiran Raine

   * added CRAM/BAM writing, courtesy of Dietmar Rieder
   * CRAM read test reference embedded in CRAM file to allow test to pass when CRAM reference archive is unavailable

   * github repo move to https://github.com/Ensembl/Bio-DB-HTS
   * -Wformat=no removed from build options
   * check results of archive fetches

   * cram tests moved to the scripts directory to allow install when CRAM reference archive is unavailable

   * Zip file downloads during install
   * HTSlib version set to 1.3.1 or specified parameter during install
   * https for remote file prefix check added, courtesy of Zhicheng-Liu

   * add missing test file to manifest

   * BCF addition
   * Kseq addition: courtesy of Andrew Yates and Chris Fields
   * Tabix bugfixes: see GitHub issue #17
   * licence updated

   * removed file existence Tabix check as it prevents remote access
   * Tabix bugfix
   * Build git clone commands use branch and depth options

   * Build procedure static option added, courtesy of David Jones
   * TravisCI tests added
   * build_options script added to demonstrate build options
   * cpanfile updates

   * FAIDX memory leak fix, courtesy Andy Yates & Keiran Raine
   * INSTALL.pl to local directory, courtesy Keiran Raine
   * documentation updates

   * Tabix header_array subroutine added
   * Tabix DEMOLISH routines renamed close for consistency

   * Tabix header subroutine, test added
   * README clarifications
   * prompt removed from install script

   * Added missing test files

   * Build.PL updated, courtesy of James Gilbert.
   * TABIX bindings added, courtesy of Alex Hodgkins, Congenica Ltd.

   * htslib directory parameter added for perl Build.PL
   * faidx include directory bug fix added

   * CRAM tests added
   * cpanfile added

   * FAIDX added

   * license field corrected in Build.PL
   * Version numbers added to PM files
   * Alien::HTSlib module referred to

   * Version numbers added to PM files

   * Package renaming

   * First full release of htslib port from Bio::DB::Sam