Revision history for Bio::Das::ProServer.

2.20	First release supporting DAS 1.6 spec

2.11	Probably the last release on the DAS 1.53 spec

2.10	Various perlcritic bugfixes. Lots of patches from Andy wrt. authenticated requests


	Migrated to Removed non-core modules
	(SourceAdaptors & Transports). Those previously distributed as
	part of the ProServer repository will still be available on

	Added support for authentication, with two methods provided:
	IP address and remote HTTP authority.

	Added builtin support for Simple Interaction Format files.

	Added strict_boundaries config option to turn on Andy's new
	feature-is-within-bounds checks, retaining
	backwards-compatible behaviour.


	Support for sources, interaction, volmap calls + documentation
	from Andy


	Structure & alignment patches from Andreas Documentation about
	data structures in


	dsn.xsl support, more output on startup, Transport::* version
	dumping on the homepage


	Basic XSL support


	Added response_ settings for modifying XML & HTML responses
	Added tests, POD and generally cleaned up a bit


	Improved access logging (See B::D::PS::Config::logformat)


	New eg/proserver implementation based on POE rather than
	HTTP::Daemon with custom process handling.