Revision history for BioX-Seq

0.007003 2019-01-11
         Fix missing build dependency for Test::Exception

0.007002 2019-01-10
         Write FASTA index files in raw mode for consistency on all platforms
         Expanded test coverage

0.007001 2019-01-10
         Skip advanced compression tests if binaries are missing

0.007 2018-12-28
         Added support for streaming zstd-compressed files

0.006007 2018-06-19
         Removed CPAN::Uploader as hard dependency

0.006006 2018-05-18
         Misc documentation fixes

0.006005 2018-01-12
         Fixed bug in ORF regex from Util module

0.006004 2017-11-05
         Fixed memory leak caused by unnecessary binmode() and repeated

0.006003 2017-07-04
         Remove index file if failure during write

0.006    2017-04-21
         Major documentation updates
         Fixed bug in build_ORF_regex() causing problems after multiple calls
             with different arguments
         Increased coverage of testing suite
         Increased coverage of POD

0.005    2017-04-20
         Auto-indexing of FASTA files for BioX::Seq::Fetch

0.004    2016-11-18
         Fixed handling of cross-platform line endings

0.001    2016-03-31
         Initial release