Revision history for Brannigan

1.100001  2017-02-06 22:53:45+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
    - Re-release under the terms of the Apache License 2.0

1.1       2013-05-02 21:41:45 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Sorting keys when dealing with hashes to prevent unexpected errors
	  and test failures due to Perl's new hash key randomization
	  introduced in version 5.17.

1.0       2013-01-15 21:51:38 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added the ability to add a new scheme after the Brannigan object
	  has been created (with the add_scheme() method).
	- Added the ability to use Brannigan functionally, by directly
	  giving the process() method a scheme hash-ref.
	- Shortened the synopsis section, moved the example from it
	  to a manual (still in the main pod document)

0.9       2011-07-04 22:35:57 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added the matches() validation for regular expression matching
	- Added several validation methods geared toward passphrase validation
	- Added a test file that tests Brannigan::Validations

0.8       2010-07-26 21:38:19 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added support for cross-scheme custom validation methods defined
	  in the Brannigan object
	- Updated the complex test to use the new custom validation feature

0.7       2010-07-23 20:02:18 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added some info about the required() validation method
	- Added a new validation method: is_true()

0.6       2010-07-23 11:48:14 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Fixed bug where the required() validation failed erroneously when value was false

0.5       2010-07-16 16:23:32 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Fixed bug where an empty hash-ref was returned in the rejects hashref
	  for array type parameters
	- Some more documentation restructures

0.4       2010-07-14 19:00:25 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Small bug fixes
	- Restructured and expanded modules documentation
	- Completed the examples POD page

0.3       2010-07-06 19:33:16 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added support for complex data structures (hash-refs and array-refs with nesting support)
	- Added support for default values/methods
	- Added support for creating rules for parameters based on regular expressions (both in 'params' and in 'groups')
	- Added support for the '_all' meta-parameter
	- Created a test for complex data schemes
	- Removed the datetime() validation, it didn't work
	- Fixed bug where required parameters that weren't provided weren't added to the rejects list
	- Fixed bug where the forbidden rule didn't tramp on inherited required rules (and vica versa)
	- Heavily modified and updated the documentation of the modules
	- Added an examples POD page
	- Various bug fixes
	- Added the one_of validation method
	- Modified every length related validation methods to support array references

0.2       2010-06-26 04:00:53 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Fixed some stupid documentation mistakes.

0.1       2010-06-26 03:56:58 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Initial release