Change log for Business::DK::CPR

0.17 2020-06-04 Maintenance release, update not required

- Added missing specification of test requirement to cpanfile
  Thanks to Mohammad S Anwar (MANWAR) for the PR

0.16 2020-06-02 Maintenance release, update not required

- Removed the directive from the Dist::Zilla config as indicated in release 0.15

0.15 2020-06-01 Maintenance release, update not required

- Improvements to Dist::Zilla config, only ExtUtils::MakeMaker supported via Dist::Zilla now. Module::Build support having been removed

- See the Article by Neil Bowers (NEILB) on the topic:

- Thanks to Karen Etheridge (ETHER) for information and link to the mentioned article

0.14 2020-05-31 Maintenance release, update not required

- POD corrections

- Spelling corrections

- Example corrections

0.13 2015-08-28 Maintenance release, update not required

- Aligned version numbers for Perl packages

0.12 2015-08-22 Maintenance release, update not required

- Changed she-bang lines to env based

- Removed SVN keywords, we are now on Github

- Migrating build system from Module::Build to Dist::Zilla

- Upgrading license from Artistic 1.0 to Artistic 2.0

0.11 2014-08-15 Maintenance release, update not required

- Addressing Kwalitee, aligning version for version consistency in
  modules in distribution

0.10 2013-08-17 Maintenance release, update not required

- Changed MANIFEST.SKIP to avoid shipping of unfinished test t/boilerplates.t
  this should never have been included [BDKCPR-14]

- Added changes.t automatic assertion of the integrity of the Changes file,
 see also BDKCPR-13 [BDKCPR-15]

0.09 2013-08-02 Maintenance release, update not required

- Fixed up Changes file as part of my Questhub quest adhering to the standard
  described in: CPAN::Changes::Spec [BDKCPR-13]


0.08 2011-06-14 Maintenance release, update not required

- Added contemporay boiler plate of Perl::Critic test [BDKCPR-8]

- Added Params::Validate to missing requirements [BDKCPR-9]

- Cleaned up generate method [BDKCPR-10]

0.07 2011-02-06 Maintenance release, update not required

- Migrated _length method from Business::DK::CVR into this package, since it's use was obsoleted in

- Added use of Params::Validate in key places and phased out use of Business::DK::PO

- Made control cifers Readonly

- Updated some information on Perl::Critic policies

- Removed export of _checkdate, this seemed to be only for testing purposes

Feedback from review: [CR-BDKCPR-1]

- Cleaning TODO, BDKCPR-1 implemented the OOP variation

- Removing Komodo IDE project file from Subversion

- Added strictures and warnings to Build.PL

- Added reference to Build.PL (create_makefile_pl)

- Added reference to Business::DK::CPR

0.06 2010.08.31 Maintenance release, update not required

- Added documentation and example on Params::Validate integration [BDKCPR-3]

- Added object oriented variant implementation [BDKCPR-1]

- Add prerequisites test [BDKCPR-2]

- Addressing failing test. Issue with Build.PL and Makefile generation
  see also: [BDKCPR-4]

0.05 2008-11-15 Bug fix release, update not required (see below)

- Update recommended for perl 5.10 users

- Eliminated use of the marvellous Hash::Merge, problems with Clone under
  perl 5.10 makes the code break. Hash::Merge uses Clone so I am removing it's
  use since it is breaking my code:

  I mimicking Hash::Merge's merge in my own simple merge function, which does
  however demonstrate that use of Hash::Merge might be overkill for this task

- Updated MANIFEST.SKIP wrong distribution listed

- Cleaned regular expressions

0.04 2008-11-06 Bug fix release, update recommended

- Introduced Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Business::DK::CPR, this is sort
  of an example application, it is however just a simple wrapper fitting into
  the Data::FormValidator::Constraints framework - it is should be usable, not
  just a demo, but still experimental

- Changed from brute force validation in validation2007, we now do a combination
  of calculations and assertions (refactoring might be necessary, all tests do

- The generate method now a wrapper around the two specific generators

- Added new methods:
    - generate1968
    - generate2007

  for generating CPR numbers compatible with their validate equivalents

- Changed the word sex to gender in the code, sounds nicer

- Added new script to bin/

- Added use of _assert_date to validate methods (missing this was a serious flaw
  if not to say bug)

- Added use of constants in more places

- Changed the return values for the validate methods:
    1, indicates male gender
    2, indicates female gender

- Added a use integer, since we only use integers

- Updated MANIFEST.SKIP to more contemporary version

- Introduced validateCPR a wrapper on validate (validate is a quite
  polluting name for export).

- Cleaned the code a bit to follow Perl::Critic policies, nothing
  serious See also the POD section in Business::DK::CPR on TEST AND

- Updated POD to adhere to Perl::Critic template (see: t/perlcriticrc)

- Introduced README file generator in Build.PL

- Introduced recursive test flag in Build.PL and restructured test
  suite to reflect this:

    t/validate.t -> t/Business/DK/CPR/validate.t
    t/calculate.t -> t/Business/DK/CPR/calculate.t
    t/_checkdate.t -> t/Business/DK/CPR/_checkdate.t

    New tests:


- Refactored validate to be a wrapper around: validate1968 and validate2007, so
  the original modulus validation has propagated into validate1968, since 1968
  was the year CPR was introduced in Denmark

- Introduced validate2007 as an implementation the new validation introduced in

- Added LICENSE file

- Added LICENSE section in POD into. The LICENSE section was not present, but
  the information was

0.03 2007-03-13 Maintenance release, update not required

- Added Perl::Critic test t/critic.t and related t/perlcriticrc, we currently
  pass at severity 5, gentle

- Updated to more contemporary versions of:

  These should be there for the quality, but will not be run as a part of the
  normal test run, unless the TEST_POD environment variable is set.

  This seem to be the defacto way of doing things.

0.02 2006-03-01 Bug fix release, update not required

- Fixed a small POD error, reported by htoug (thanks)

0.01 2006-02-21 Initial version

- Initial version