Change log for Business::DK::CVR

0.12 2020-06-02, maintenance release, update not required

- Added missing specification of test requirement to cpanfile
  Thanks to Mohammad S Anwar (MANWAR) for the PR

0.11 2020-06-01, maintenance release, update not required

- Improvements to Dist::Zilla config, only ExtUtils::MakeMaker supported via Dist::Zilla now. Module::Build support having been removed

- See the Article by Neil Bowers (NEILB) on the topic:

- Thanks to Karen Etheridge (ETHER) for information and link to the mentioned article

0.10 2020-05-31, maintenance release, update not required

- Migrating build system from Module::Build to Dist::Zilla

- Upgrading license from Artistic 1.0 to Artistic 2.0

- Thanks to Andreas K├Ânig (ANDK) for the push to get this release uploaded

0.09 2014-08-23, maintenance release, update not required

- Added specification of required Perl version, settling for
  5.8 for now as reported by Perl::Critic

0.08 2014-08-15, maintenance release, update not required

- Addressing Kwalitee, aligning version for version consistency
  in modules in distribution

- Added changes.t automatic assertion of the integrity of the
  Changes file, see also BDKCVR-8 [BDKCVR-9]

0.07 2013-08-01, maintenance release, update not required

- Fixed up Changes file as part of my Questhub quest adhering to
  the standard described in: CPAN::Changes::Spec [BDKCVR-8]


- Added contemporay boiler plate of Perl::Critic test [BDKCVR-5]

0.06 2011-02, maintenance release, update not required

- Added use of Params::Validate in key places and phased out use
  of Business::DK::PO

- Made control cifers Readonly

- The _length method has been removed, since it's use was

0.05 2008-06-11, feature release, update not required

- Add object oriented variant implementation [BDKCVR-1],
  introducing Class::Business::DK::CVR

- Added prerequisites test (Test::Prereq) [BDKCVR-2]

- Added requirement of Scalar::Util, we are stealing as much as
  we can from Michael Peters's distribution:


- Added a LICENSE file

- Added LICENSE file and split COPYRIGHT and LICENSE section in
  POD into two separate sections

- Restructured tests files to follow namespace in directory

- Added recursive_test_files to Build.PL

- Added create_readme to Build.PL

- Introduced generate method so valid CVRs now can be generated

- Introduced
  Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Business::DK::CVR, this is
  sort of an example application, it is however just a simple
  wrapper fitting into the Data::FormValidator::Constraints
  framework - it is should be usable, not just a demo, but still

0.04 2007-03-13, maintenance release, update not required

- Fixed problem in t/critic.t, I had implemented a mix of my own
  and the recommended Perl::Critic test, so it gave unforseen
  test failures

0.03 2007-03-12, maintenance release, update not required

- Added Perl::Critic test, t/critic.t and related t/perlcriticrc

- Updated to more contemporary versions of:

  These should be there for the quality, but will not be run as
  a part of the normal test run, unless the TEST_POD environment
  variable is set.

  This seem to be the defacto way of doing things.

0.02 2006-03-01, maintenance release, update not required

- Added some more links to SEE ALSO section, apparently there is
  already a module on CPAN capable of validating CVR numbers
  this module does not use the name CVR so I did no locate it
  prior to releasing this module to CPAN

0.01 2006-02-21

- Initial version