Changes file for Business::DK::PO

Project Change Log:

0.08 2015-08-15 maintenance release, update not required

- Migrated from Module::Build based release to Dist::Zilla based

0.07 2014-08-23 maintenance release, update not required

- Added Perl version requirement 5.6 as pointed out by

- Added changes.t automatic assertion of the integrity of the
  Changes file, see also BDKPO-7

0.06 2013-07-29

- Fixed up Changes file as part of my Questhub quest adhering to
  the standard described in: CPAN::Changes::Spec [BDKPO-7]


- Added contemporay boiler plate of Perl::Critic test [BDKPO-5]

0.05 2010-09-08

- Update not required

- Added wrapper on validate method, so we now also export a
  validatePO, which is less intrusive [BDKPO-2]

- Added prerequisites test [BDKPO-1]

- Beautified code with Perl::Tidy and did basic Perl::Critic
  violation cleanup

0.04 2007-03-13

- Added some POD, nothing significant

- Fixed problem in t/critic.t, I had implemented a mix of my own
  and the recommended Perl::Critic test, so it gave unforseen test failures

0.03 2007-03-12

- Set severity of Perl::Critic test to 5, gentle

- Updated t/kwalitee.t to more contemporary version

- Added Perl::Critic test, t/critic.t and added perlcriticrc to t/

- Updated to more contemporary versions of:

  These should be there for the quality, but will not be run as a
  part of the normal test run, unless the TEST_POD environment
  variable is set.

  This seem to be the defacto way of doing things.

0.02 2006-02-21

- Added version information to POD

- Added related module to SEE ALSO section in POD

- Added private message to EXPORT_OK and updated POD

- Added use of MODULUS_OPERAND in one place, apparently this had
  been overlooked

- Removed some verbose message from unit-tests

- Restructured tests some positive tests are first in the file

0.01 2006-02-20

- Initial version