Revision history for GestPayCrypt and GestPayCryptHS.

0.41 (2004-05-25)

- Now the distribution unpack into a single directory
- Add META.yml

0.40 (2004-05-13)

- Renamed module to Business::GestPayCrypt for CPAN pubblication
- Add function DESTROY
- Changed license from GPL to Perl (GPL/Artistic)
- Translated to english this revision history

0.30 (2003-06-09)
Add compatibility for version 2.0 ( with Verified by Visa )

- Add method GetCountry
- Add method GetVBV
- Add method GetVBVrisp
- Add method SetCVV
- Add method SetEncryption
- Add method SetMIN
- Add method SetPasswordEncrypt
- Add method SetWithoutEncryption
- SetShopTransactionID executes a "trim" and html form encoding
- SetBuyerName executes a "trim" and html form encoding
- SetBuyerEmail executes a "trim"
- SetLanguage executes a "trim"
- SetCustomInfo execuets a "trim" and html form encoding
- GetShopTransactionID executes html form encoding
- GetBuyerName execuets html form encoding
- GetCustomInfo executes html form encoding
- Add PAY1_CVV and PAY1_MIN at the string to cypher
- Removed s/ /§/g from the string to cypher
- Removed s/§/ /g from the string to cypher
- If the decrypted string contains only spaces return error "Void String"
- Gets from the decrypted string the fields PAY1_COUNTRY, PAY1_VBV and PAY1_VBVRISP
- Add the parameter "c=2.0" at the url path of the server request
- Add the private methods trim, url_encode and url_decode
- Fix an error in an exaple with ASP:
    - replaced <script language="PerlScript" runat="Server">...</script>
      with <% ... %>
- In the example sample1ris.asp is not required the module CGI

0.20 (2002-01-19)
- Add GestPayCryptHS
- Add pod documentations
- Add some examples in Cgi and Asp
- Fix bug: s/ /§/ con s/ /§/g
- Tested on Linux and e Windows with Back Office version Base