Revision history for Perl extension Business::KontoCheck.
The complete history can be found in 0_history.txt (in german).

   - bugfix for check methods C0 and E1
   - some minor changes

   - update testfiles
   - SCL routines included in the perl port
   - removed IBAN rule 56
   - a few bugfixes

   - new data file blz.lut
   - removed IBAN rule 48
   - change in IBAN rule 56
   - a few bugfixes
   - The C source contains some routines for the SCL directory; these are not yet included in the perl port

   - update for some testfiles for perl
   - new data file blz.lut
   - removed support for austrian bank accounts

   - update for some testfiles for perl 

   - minor change in IBAN rule 56
   - bug fixes

   - new submethod C2c implemented
   - IBAN rule 45 removed
   - change in IBAN rule 56

   - The version number was bumped to 6.00 for the perl indexer...
   - new check method B1c
   - new check method E4
   - IBAN rule 54 removed

   - new check method E3

   - switched to UTF-8, removed the encoding pragma
   - new (sub)method 74b implemented
   - IBAN rule 42 changed slightly

   - new check method 87d

   - bug fix in method 90 (method 90g was excluded)

   - new check method E2
   - changes in check methods 08, 28, 34, 44 (more details in the source code)
   - the compiler switch USE_IBAN_RULES is now completely removed
   - some minor changes and bug fixes

   - bug fix in functions bic_check() and ci_check()
   - the functions rebuild_blzfile() and pz_aenderungen_enable() are available for perl

   - changes in check method 90 implemented
   - removed some obsolete return values (-80 ... -104)
   - some bug fixes, mainly in the new functions bic_(), biq_*() and iban_*()
   - changes in testfiles t/* due to changes in the blz file of Deutsche Bundesbank
   - some minor changes, see the german 0_history.txt

   - new IBAN rule 57 implemented
   - changes in IBAN rules 54 and 56 implemented
   - changes in check method 66 implemented
   - search for main branches of banks
   - many new functions concerning BIC and IBAN (see 0_history.txt and source code)
   - some minor changes and bug fixes (see file 0_history.txt)

   - new check method E1 implemented
   - new IBAN rules 55 and 56 implemented
   - changes for some IBAN rules (5, 10, 15, 20, 43 und 45, valid from 2013-12-09) implemented
   - new function lut_blocks(), lut_suche_regel(), kto_check_regel(), kto_check_regel_dbg() implemented
   - function iban2bic() implemented for the perl port
   - some minor changes (see file 0_history.txt)

5.1 Fri Aug 2, 2013
   - changed IBAN rule 20 (Deutsche Bank) to version 1.6 according to Bundesbank email
   - for IBAN calculation missing LUT blocks are fetched automatically
   - bug fixes in check methods 13b, 63, C7
   - some minor bug fixes

5.0 Fri Aug 2, 2013
   - implemented changes for IBAN rules, new IBAN rules 48-54
   - implemented changes for check methods 57 and 95
   - test in iban_check() if the given IBAN may contain errors due to
     not considered IBAN rules etc.
   - various bug fixes

4.6  Fri Jun 6, 2013
   - implemented IBAN rules for generation of IBAN and BIC
   - changes in check methods 51 and 84 implemented

4.5   Thu Mar 28, 2013
      Again a perl-only bugfix release that corrects some tests due to changes
      in blz.lut

4.4   Sat Feb 2, 2013
      - new check method E0 implemented
      - changes in check methods C6 and D1 implemented
      - bug fix in check method C6

4.3   Thu Nov 13, 2012
      This is a perl-only bugfix release that adds a missing file (t/blz.t) and
      (i hope ;-))) fixes the test::pod encoding bug.

4.2   Thu Oct 24, 2012
      - fixed encoding error in
      - fixed some memory problems
      - fixed IBAN generation of Flessa bank
      - new testfile t/generate_lut.t for checking the generation of a lutfile
      - new (optional) variable keine_iban_berechnung in function
        generate_lut2() for IBAN blacklist block
      - new function lut_keine_iban_berechnung() for appending an IBAN
        blacklist block to an existing lutfile
      - (optional) parameters uniq and sort for search routines
      - some minor changes

4.1   Wed May 30, 2012
      - new search routine lut_suche_volltext for fulltext search in the fields
        Bankname, kurzname and Ort.
      - new funktion lut_suche_multiple() combining multiple searches
      - new check method D9 implemented
      - various minor changes and bugfixes

4.0   Tue Jul 26, 2011
      - the search routines are rewritten; they are able to deal with all
        4 supported character sets now (ISO 8859-1, UTF-8, DOS CP-850
        and HTML entities); also the encoding of output can be changed.
      - fast initialization of search routines (index blocks in lutfile)
      - the blacklist for IBAN generation (available from Sparkasse) is now supported
      - changes for check methods B6 and D1 (valid from 2011-09-05) are implemented
      - various minor changes and bugfixes

3.6   Wed April 13, 2011
      - new check methods D7 and D8 implemented
      - new calculation for check methods B8, C6, D4 implemented
      - fixed a bug in check method D6
      - some minor bug fixes

3.5   Thu Jan 6, 2011
      - new check method D6 implemented
      - new calculation for check method D1 implemented
      - fixed a bug in *BIC routines, which caused a crash under NetBSD/64 Bit
      - some minor changes in generate_lut2(), additional documentation

3.4    Sat Nov 13, 2010
      - new check method D5 implemented
      - removed check_malloc routines (no longer needed)
      - additional compression libraries can be used (bzip2, lzo, lzma or no compression).
        The standard compression library is still gzip.

3.3    Wed Jul 21, 2010
      - bug fix in the search routines in konto_check.c; on 64 bit machines these routines
        failed completely (before the 3.2 release, they were not coverd by the test routines).
      - (last) change for lut_suche_*(): These functions return in array context also the 
        return value of the function as 4th parameter.
      - added some (missing) dummy functions for $use_german=0 and $use_austrian=0

3.2.1  Thu Jul 15, 2010
      - some minor bugfixes and improvements in test routines

3.2  Tue Jul 13, 2010
      - complete rewrite of Makefile.PL; works now also for Windows, better recognition of zlib
      - complete rewrite of search function lut_suche_*(); these functions got a new interface
        (until 3.1 they were beta for perl, with many problems). All search functions were heavily
        tested, no memory leak was left.
      - fixed bugs in lut_info()
      - new variable $lut_dir in function lut_info(): gives the directory of the lut-file
      - new function lut_blz() tests the existence of a BLZ
      - new function pz2str() to convert a numerical check method to the (official) string version
      - new functions retval2*()
      - new functions lut_*1(): work  always in scalar context
      - new testfiles t/lut_info.t and t/lut_suche.t

3.1  Tue May 25, 2010
      - implemented changes for check methods C6 and D1 valid from 2010-06-07
      - implemented new check method D4 valid from 2010-06-07
      - some minor bug fixes
      - new blz.lut file, valid from 2010-03-08 until 2010-06-06 and 2010-07-06 until 2010-09-05
      - the C library contains some additional functions, which are not yet available in perl

3.0  Mon Nov 23, 2009
      - for perl, this is mainly a bug fix release; a number of memory leaks were fixed.

2.98 Sat Apr 4, 2009
      - fixed some bugs in check methods 16,74,79,97
      - write_lut(): directory slots may be reused
      - some bug fixes in write_lut_block() and lut_info()
      - fixed a bug in konto_check-at.c that caused a fail for the smoke tests on S-390-linux*
        (many thanks to Oliver Paukstadt for help finding the bug)

2.97 Tue Mar 8, 2009
      - new member structure pz_pos in the retvals structure (debug version; position of check number)
      - easter egg include
      - included function lut_nr()
      - lut_cleanup reworked
      - various minor changes

2.95 Tue Jan 13, 2009
   (nearly the syme as 2.94)
      - fixed a minor bug in the test suite; two banks are invalid with the
        new hash file.

2.94 Tue Jan 13, 2009
   (maybe the last beta before 3.0)
      - fixed a bug in read_lut_block_int() which caused an error on most 64 bit machines
      - fixed a bug in check method 28
      - implemented new check methods D2 and D3
      - change in check method C6, valid from 2009-03-09
      - some minor changes to avoid compiler errors/warnings

2.93 Mon Sep 8, 2008
   third beta for 3.0
      - fixed a bug in get_lut_info2()

2.92 Sat Aug 23, 2008
   second beta for 3.0
      - fixed some bugs in check methods 53, 57 and B6
      - newly defined check methods D0 and D1 implemented
      - DEFAULT_LUT_NAME and DEFAULT_LUT_PATH may contain multiple names/paths now
      - new functions kto_check_retval2utf8()
      - new test routines for perl

2.91 Wed April 23, 2008
        This is the first beta for the new 3.0 release. This release
        contains many changes, including a new lookup table file
        format, which allows access to all fields of the Bundesbank
        file. All changes will (later) be described in a separate file.

2.7 Sat Aug 23, 2008
   minor release: bugfixes, new check methods
      - fixed some bugs in check methods 53, 57 and B6
      - newly defined check methods D0 and D1 implemented
      - removed PHP module for the 2.7 series (due to various problems).
        The PHP port is available for the 3.x releases (also for 2.92 and later)

2.6 Thu April 10, 2008
      - bug fixes for check methods 50b and 74b
      - LUT file generation of reworked
      - check methods C8 and C9 implemented

2.4 Thu November 13, 2007
      - added check method C7
      - bugfix in check method B9
      - new function kto_check_str

2.3 Sat August 25, 2007
   bugfix release: 
      - added two missing files which caused 'make test' to fail
      - added new return value OK_TEST_BLZ_USED

2.2 Wed August 22, 2007
   minor release: 
      - newly defined check methods C5 and C6 implemented
      - cleanup of old (unused) code and prototypes

2.1  Sat May 26, 2007
	- first perl version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -n Business::KontoCheck -v 2.1 -g