Revision history for Business-OnlinePayment-IPayment

0.09 Fri Nov  1 16:20:25 2019 CET


    * Get rid of the unnecessary Crypt::SSLeay prerequisite.
      for more information.
    * Fix license string in Makefile.PL (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).
    * Fix typos ((Stefan Hornburg/Racke).


    * Add HTTP response test to auth-refund file (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).

0.08 Thu Nov 19 18:20:10 2015 CET


    * Update error messages in reverse capture tests
      (GH #3, Marco Pessotto).


    * Add tests for refund with auth / without preauth + capture
      (Marco Pessotto).

0.07 Mon Oct 20 21:01:24 2014 CEST


    * Remove boilerplate test (Marco Pessotto).
    * Adjust capture reverse test to corrected error message (Marco Pessotto).
    * Fix hardcoded expiration year in capture reverse test (Marco Pessotto).

0.06 Sun Oct  5 08:48:07 2014 EDT


    * Add missing prerequisite on XML::Compile::WSDL11 (Marco Pessotto).
    * Execute POD pod tests only during release testing (Marco Pessotto).


    * Add link to test credit card numbers to documentation (Stefan Hornburg).
    * Add missing link wrapper for Business::OnlinePayment::IPayment::Transaction
      and fix a typo (Stefan Hornburg).
    * Add encoding utf8 to POD files to prevent test errors (Stefan Hornburg).
    * Add module description (Marco Pessotto).

0.05    2013-10-09
        First release on CPAN