Revision history for Perl extension Business::OnlinePayment::PaymenTech::Orbital.

   - Renamed to Business::OnlinePayment::PaymenTech::Orbital
   - Added support for soft descriptors

   - Add response method (which takes in ResponseCode)

   - Add cvn handling and fix "cvv2val" in the docs that didn't work

   - Allow switching between MOTO and CC APIs via ecommerce flag

   - Don't blindly set AVSphoneNum and Comments... only send them if they are
     set (helps older API install)
   - Print raw XML request when test_transaction is true
   - Don't set account number when requesting a capture

   - Integrate patch from Garth Sainio fixing all the typos I introduced when
     I hand applied his last patch. :(

1.1.0  Mon Feb 23, 2009
   - Swap out hardcoded values for BIN and TZCode with configurable ones that
     merely default to their previously hardcoded values. (Garth Sainio)
   - Add CountryCode and Phone Number to AVS. (Garth Sainio)
   - Die with an error if an unrecognized action is supplied. (Garth Sainio)
   - Include treaceNumber if set (Garth Sainio)

1.0  Fri Feb 29 08:33:01 2008
   - release