Revision history for Business-Tax-Avalara

v1.2.0	 2017-02-23
        Updated the Avalara API URL.
        Added basic support for CurrencyCode.
        Added the ability to specify the original tax date when issuing a refund on part of an order.

v1.1.0   2013-11-06
        Added new function cancel_tax
        Added debug mode option
        Returning the error response on error rather than undef

v1.0.6   2013-09-19
        Added document_code optional node.
v1.0.5   2013-04-30
        Split tests into t and xt directories. Cleaned up test results.
        Cleaned up distribution bundling. No functional changes.

v1.0.4   2013-04-29
        Sacrificed on the altar of release management.
v1.0.3   2012-11-13
        Changed commit boolean to send 'true' or 'false'.

v1.0.2   2012-11-01
        Added a request timeout, set the default to 3 seconds.
v1.0.1   2012-10-20
        Added explicit perl version.
v1.0.0   2012-02-28
        First public release.