Revision history for Perl module BusyBird

0.12    2014-12-08
        - No functional changes.
        - Now it requires Exporter 5.57, because we import the import() function instead of inheritance.
        - Now it requires perl 5.8.0 (previously it was 5.10.0, but in fact I didn't use any feature in 5.10.0).
        - Now it requires autovivification 0.14 for bug fix of RT#99458.
          It drops dependency on EV.

0.11    2014-10-22
        - Now it renders "busybird.user_permalink" field as the link URL for the user.
          This is an experimental feature for now.

0.10    2014-10-15
        - Web API: add "only_statuses" query parameter to GET /timelines/{timeline}/statues.json
        - Add per-timeline config params: "acked_statuses_load_count" and "default_level_threshold".
        - Now it warns you when you give unknown config parameters.
        - BusyBird::SafeData is now public class. End-users are free to use it.
        - Drop dependency on Test::Exception. Use Test::Fatal instead.
        - Add dependency on EV. This is necessary to avoid a bug in autovivification
          ( )

0.09    2014-09-28
        [BUG FIX]
        - Now it is more tolerant of statuses with unusual structure.
        - Now Text::Xslate's warnings are reported through BusyBird::Log.
        [API CHANGE]
        - The default attached_image_urls_builder now ignores Twitter Entities
          whose 'type' field is set to NOT 'photo'. This change makes it robust
          to future changes in Twitter API. I think this change is backword-compatible in most cases.
        - Refactoring and API revision of BusyBird::Main::PSGI::View.
        - Add 'Data::Diver' to dependency.

0.08    2014-09-15
        - Now it renders image URLs attached to statuses.
          To configure how the attached images should be rendered,
          set "attached_image_*" config parameters.
        [UI CHANGE]
        - Revise HTML mark-ups and CSS. Visually it makes little difference.
        - Make it a little more friendly to non-Perl users.

0.07    2014-08-17
        - Migrate to Module::Build::Prereqs::FromCPANfile.

0.06    2014-08-14
        [API CHANGE]
        - Timeline and StatusStorage: now contains() method accepts status objects with no "id" field.
          They are always treated as "not contained". Previously the contains() method croaked when
          ID-less statuses were passed. This behavior has been changed.
        [BUG FIX]
        - Now BusyBird::Filter exports functions only by request. Previously they were automatically exported.
        - Add "hidden" per-timeline config parameter.
        - Add filter_grep() function to BusyBird::Filter.
        - Add make_tracking() function to BusyBird::Util.

0.05    2014-08-13
        [BUG FIX]
        - Fix test t/WebAPI.t. It failed when consecutive acks occurred at different timestamps.
        - StatusStorage::SQLite enhancements.
        - Add get_timeline_names() method.
        - Re-implement contains() method. This boosts its performance at about 350%.
        - Use SQL::Maker's strict mode with SQL::QueryMaker. This prevents unexpected query
          injection in form of complex data structure (often as JSON strings).
          This also improves performance a little.
        - Fix sort_statuses() signature was wrong.

0.04    2014-07-28
        [BUG FIX]
        - Timelines whose name contains "/" could be created and installed, but were not accessible
          via HTTP. Now those timelines can be created, but cannot be installed in Main object.
          (gh #3)
        - Add create_timeline() method to BusyBird::Main.
        - BusyBird::DateTime::Format now has a separate distribution. This makes it easier
          to develop and release input/filter modules that use the Format module.

0.03    2014-07-24
        [UI CHANGE]
        - Use Web Notifications to notify new statuses.
          To disable this feature, set "timeline_web_notifications" config parameter to "off"
          (or anything other than "simple"). (gh #2 thanks to Keisuke Minami)
        - Add favicon.
        - Remove horizontal paddings around statuses in small screens. (gh #1)
        - Minor fixes.

0.02    2014-06-18
        [BUG FIX]
        - Fix test (t/StatusStorage_SQLite.t) so BSD systems can pass it.
        - Drop dependency on CPS::Functional from cpanfile.
        [UI CHANGE]
        - All controls in timeline navbar should now fit in 320px width screen.
        - Now it doesn't set the status permalink to Twitter if the status's ID is not an integer.
        - Add "QUICK START" section.
        - Install BusyBird under user's home directory.

0.01    2014-06-15
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.