0.7.2 2015-09-18
  * Fixed compiling error with Perl v5.12.2 win32 (s. http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/0da16443-6bfc-1014-b3eb-08d6c7cd22ef)
	* Added check for json parsing result in Creo3.pm now
	* Added number of duplicated, added, removed and changed options to the html table header in fm_diff_cdb
0.7.1 2015-09-15
  * fm_diff_cdb: Added option --html to create a html file with the changes
	* Added Pod::Usage and Getopt::Long auto_help to provide help from perl doc synopsis
	* Fixed lower cased option names in Creo3.pm
0.7.0 2015-09-11
	* Adapted fm_check_struct to reflect new Creo 3 directory layout
	* Added --force option to fm_check_struct, to force archive creation, even if tests have failed
	* Fixed Common::untaint, which now allows ~ and ; as characters. Added additional tests too.
	* fm_create_help is now able to parse Creo 3 and older help to extract information about option 
	  * Old documentation parsing (< Creo 3) is now in ParseHelp::Wildfire5.pm
		* New documentation parsing (>= Creo 3) is now in ParseHelp::Creo3.pm
		* fm_create_help determines which to use, calls the appropriate one and process the extracted information
0.6.3 2015-07-13
	* Adapted Common getInstallationPath to find Common Files directory in new Creo 3 directory layout.
0.6.2 2014-02-07
	* Fixed errors in comparing cdb files fm_diff_cdb and Analyze::compare()
	* Fixed typo in help of fm_diff_cdb
0.6.1 2013-08-26
  * Fixed compile error in fm_admin
0.6.0 2013-08-23
	* fixed overrided databases array of config file in CAD::Firemen::Common::dbConnect()
	* Created databases are now named after APP-NAME-VERSION-PATCH-VERSION, to allow the presende of mutliple patch-versions of one main version (like Creo 2 M10 and Creo 2 M20)
	* fixed error caused by not defined $dbh at END of the scripts
	* Added fm_admin to administer configuration of CAD::Firemen
0.5.4 2013-08-23
	* more error handling in CAD::Firemen/Common printBlock() and printColored()
	* fixed windows linendings in 00-load.t
	* fixed not disconnected database connection in fm_option_info, fm_diff_cdb, fm_diff_config, fm_check_config, fm_check_struct and fm_create_help
0.5.3 2012-08-15
	* fm_create_help fixed not escaped character
0.5.2 2011-10-21
  * fm_create_help is able to create user defined language for Notepad++ with auto completion support
	* fm_create_help now searches toc files case insensitive (e.g. en_US or en_us is found)
	* fm_check_struct excludes all string starting with http:// from path and file checking
0.5.1 2011-10-19
  * Fixing naming issue Firemen to CAD-Firemen
  * Fixing some other naming issues within the documentation and CAD::Firemen::Common::printVersion()
0.5.0 2011-10-19
  * Generall: Moved to namespace CAD::Firemen
  * fm_check_struct
    * Exclude numbers like 1.5 from directory and files checkings, because they are not files or directories
    * Checks the tree config files for empty lines with help of Analyze::checkTreeConfig()
  * Analyze.pm
    * Added function checkTreeConfig() to check the tree config file (actual only for empty lines)
  * fm_create_help added option --crossfire which causes fm_create_help to output the file in crossfires help format
0.4.1 2011-09-20
  * fm_check_struct
    * config.win is also moved into correct place when creating test environments
  * fm_create_help
    * fixed typo in HTML::TreeBuilder
0.4 2011-09-06
  * fm_diff_config
    * Added --binary or -b to switch to binary mode
    * Binary files can be supported now. Per default, all files ending with
      * win
      * prt
      * asm
      * frm
      * tbl
      are treated as binary files and all files where -B returns true.
  * Fixed not working duplicate checking, therefore changed structure in Load.pm functions. This causes many changes in all files.
  * fm_check_struct
    * Added option -e or --environment. If set, fm_check_struct creates an proe working directory with the selected structure.
      It also creates a shortcut on the desktop, so that proe can be started easily with the structure to test.
0.3 2011-08-23
  * Renamed into Firemen (struggling with Wildfire ;-) )
    * all ptc_ commands are renamed to fm_
  * fm_option_info
    * FIXED "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference"
  * fm_check_struct
    * File names of created archives contain an date time string like YYYYmmdd-HHMMSS now
  * Load.pm
    * loadConfig: Ignores lines with mapkeys
  * Introduced a database with options, their values and default value
    * fm_create_help - creates those databases with help of the installed html help
    * All other scripts are adapted to use those databases
      * if useful, they support the option --description|-d to print out the help string for each displayed option.
    * see perldoc Firemen for hints
  * Introduced settings file (in c:\ProgrammData\Firemen) in YAML syntax see perldoc Firemen for hints.
0.2 2011-08-18
  * PTC
    * Added printVersion
  * Analyze.pm
    * Provides functionalitity to compare (compare()) and check (checkConfig()) config files
    * Changed ptc_check_config to use checkConfig()
  * Change.pm and Change::Type.pm
    * Change object to handle informations about made changes of option values
  * All scripts
    * added --version and --help to SYNOPSIS and help()
  * ptc_option_info
    * New special notice of value -Fs
    * Regex support for option names with -r switch
  * ptc_check_struct
    * Calls PTC::Analyze::checkConfig() to check the config
    * Also checks, that all referenced files from config.pro are in the correct relative location to given config.pro
  * Common.pm
    * Added three functions to avoid to detect all ptc installations, let the user choose one and return
      path to config.cdb and config.pro wihtin the choosen installation.
  * Combined LoadCDB.pm and LoadConfig.pm into Load.pm
0.1 2011-08-15
	* First version for internal use