Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-DBIProfile

0.07    2009-11-09
        Restructured module layout so that Build.PL stops failing.
        No code changes made.

0.06    2008-12-15
        BUGFIX: Build.PL had a syntax error in add_to_cleanup.

0.05    2007-09-27
        Added Graph::HTML::Horizontal plugin.
        BUGFIX: rt 29670 : Duplicate titles in reports.
        BUGFIX: rt 29669 : Add summary to DevPopup report.
        BUGFIX: rt 29668 : Unable to set ENV vars via PerlSetVar.
        BUGFIX: rt 29667 : DBI profile environment var should be UPPER CASE.
        BUGFIX: rt 29666 : Typo in callback for CAP::DevPopup report.

0.04    2007-09-27
        Added Graph::SVGTT plugin.
        Added Graph::GDGraphInline plugin.
        Added catch for non-html docs, so we don't run then.
        BUGFIX: for devpopup support (typo in sub reference name).

0.03    2007-09-26
        Made graphing a plugin, and wrote custom (simple) HTML graph plugin.
        First CPAN release.

0.02    2007-09-26
        Alpha of rewrite by Joshua Miller.
        Uses new DBI::Profile driver that uses IO::Scalar for storage.
        Graphs are inline html (using HTML::BarGraph, which is broken).

0.01    2005-06-06
        First version by Sam Tregar.