Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-PageLookup

0.01    8-8-2009
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02 	17-8-2009
	Changed paramId to valueId;

0.03	24-08-2009
	Fixed docs and handled notfound case

1.0	08-09-2009
	Rewrote from scratch building upon HTML::Template::Plugin::Dot

1.1	09-09-2009
	Fixed dependency and documentation issues

1.2	10-09-2009
	We depend on CGI:Application 4.31. Removed the need to declare smart objects.

1.3 	11-09-2009
	Fixed more dependencies checking with Devel::Hide and Test::Prereq. Added podspell.t. Checked formatting 

1.4	13-09-2009
	Darn more missing dependencies???? Added changes.t and mainfest.t

1.5 	14-09-2009
	Incorrect format in t/changes.t and t/manifest.t

1.6	05-10-2009
	Added github repository to META.yaml. Added prereq.t. Converted to using Test::Database (for SQLite only sadly). Made testing of XML sitemap
	more robust. Made notfound handling not force the URLs and pagelookup can now handle HASH based pageIds.

1.7	14-03-2010
	Fixed test scripts not declaring plan first. Fixed issues with menu and added slice function and other tests.
	Switched to Build.PL.

1.8 	20-3-2010
	Made sure all tests generate at least one test.