Changes for CGI::Application::Server

0.063     2013-07-05 21:08:53 America/New_York
          repackage, update bugtracker

0.062			2010-01-20
					work on alternate ports (thanks, Potatohead @ github)
					misc. cleanup (Potatohead, rjbs)

0.061			2009-02-08
					reinitialize $query between runs when entry point is an object
					(patch from JALDHAR, rt #42199)

0.060 Sun. Nov  2, 2008
          a number of patches from George Hartzell; thanks!
          documenation improvements
          use HTTP::Server::Simple::Static as its documentation suggests
          add handling for a "/" entry point

0.050 Sun. Oct 21, 2007
          add support for CGI::Application objects as entry points
          handle PATH_INFO munging for CGI::App, not just ::Dispatch
          both these changes thanks to JALDHAR

0.04 Sun. Oct 21, 2007
          add support for CGI::Application::Dispatch classes

0.03 Tues. Feb 20, 2007
          Fixed is_valid_entry_point to be more strict
          in how it matched URIs, added tests

          fixed the way the captured stdout is recombined
          to make steaming non-HTML mime-types work

0.02 Mon. April 10, 2006
          Added logging of every request (uri, entry-point, and params)

0.01 Wed. March 15, 2006
          initial release of module