CGI-Builder-CgiAppAPI Latest Versions Changes

Version 1.27
- Removed the internal use of lvalue assigments incompatible with
  the perl-bug #17663 (Perl 5 Debugger doesn't handle properly lvalue
  sub assignment)

Version 1.26
- Changed prerequisites to CGI::Builder 1.3, OOTools 2
- Updated tests and POD to the new OOTools 2 behaviour.
- A few minor changes

Version 1.25
- Changed prerequisites to CGI::Builder 1.26
- Removed the SH, PH and OH constant from code
- A few minor changes in the Makefile.PL and the POD

Version 1.24
- Eliminated version check and installation feedback system
  ("phone home" opt-out) from Makefile.PL to make Randal L Schwartz happy :-)
  and sad the author :-(

Version 1.23
- Added the not page_content_check() condition before using
  AUTOLOAD page handler

Version 1.22
- Minor POD changes

Version 1.21
- Changed Makefile.PL version check
- Minor POD changes

Version 1.2
- Updated POD according to the latest changes in Apache::CGI::Builder
- Changed the prerequisite C::B version to 1.2
- Some internal changes to be more consistent with new 1.2 version

Version 1.12
- Eliminated useless 'use CGI::Application::Plus::Util' statement from
  a few tests that caused failure on machines where CGI::Application::Plus
  was not installed.

Version 1.11
- This version contains the real 1.1 files: the 1.1 distribution
  file was a wrong outdated file. Sorry for the mismatch.

Version 1.1
- Adapted the test suite to the new 1.1 features
- A few changes and default fixes

Version 1.01
- Mirrored CGI::Builder 1.01 fixing
- Minor POD fixes

Version 1.0
- First public release