CGI-Builder-Magic Latest Versions Changes

Version 1.31
- Removed the internal use of lvalue assigments incompatible with
  the perl-bug #17663 (Perl 5 Debugger doesn't handle properly lvalue
  sub assignment)
Version 1.3
- Updated to Template::Magic v1.36
- Changed the prerequisite to CBF v1.3, T::M v1.36, OOTools 2.1
- Added 'tm_extra_value_handlers' class accessor group
- Added the 'tm_extra_value_handlers' class group accessor, which allows
  to exclude the 'TableTiler' and 'FillInForm' handlers

Version 1.28
- Changed the prerequisite to T::M version 1.33
- Added tm_container_template property to better support the new
  'container_template' Template::Magic feature
Version 1.27
- Changed the prerequisite to T::M version 1.3
- Fixed the INCLUDE_TEMPLATE path problem (now you can use paths relative to
  the page_path)
- Improved the page_content_check() method
- A few minor changes in the Makefile.PL and the POD
- Added memory leaking test

Version 1.26
- Eliminated version check and installation feedback system
  ("phone home" opt-out) from Makefile.PL to make Randal L Schwartz happy :-)
  and sad the author :-(

Version 1.25
- Changed the test chdir (it didn't work on some system)
- Changed page_content_check in order to correct a minor problem
  related to switch_to + page_path

Version 1.24
- Minor POD changes

Version 1.23
- Changed Makefile.PL version check
- Updated to support Template::Magic 1.2 features
- Minor POD changes

Version 1.22
- Added 'FillInForm' special label
- Some improvements in the Lookups POD section
- Added the EFFICIENCY POD section
- Added some tests
- Changed the prerequisite Template::Magic version to 1.12

Version 1.21
- Fixed page_error persistency problem
- Added some tests

Version 1.2
- The tm and tm_new_args and tm_lookups_package accessors are now
  referring to class variables (before they were instance variables),
  this improves performances under mod_perl
- Under mod_perl the tm object does not get destroyed anymore,
  but it is used for all processes thus saving some processing time
- Eliminated the OH_cleanup handler, now useless
- Improved lookup system for special integrations
- Improved tm value_handlers
- Improved POD with more details and orgaization
- Changed the prerequisite C::B version to 1.2
- Some internal changes to be more consistent with new 1.2 version
- Fixed perl_side_include example with new Apache::CGI::Builder interface

Version 1.13
- Internal changes for lookups to allow more flexible usage (the automatic
  lookups are added to the constructor instead of the temporary lookups)
- Internal changes to allow more efficient object destroying
  (if used with Template::Magic >= 1.1)
- Added OH_cleanup handler to allow automatic tm object destroy
  in CLEANUP phase

Version 1.12
- Simplified interface for lookups
- Added automagic integration with CGI::Builder::Session
- Added POD Advanced features section to simplify
  the reading of the doc
- Added POD Special Integrations section

Version 1.11
- This version contains the real 1.1 files: the 1.1 distribution
  file was a wrong outdated file. Sorry for the mismatch.
Version 1.1
- Advanced method 'page_content_check' overridden with automatic set of 204
  or 404 status header when the template is not found (unless status is
  already defined)
- Added a test for 204 status
- Fixed a bug that caused the output to be collected before sending: now
  the output is printed while it is produced
- Some code optimization

Version 1.0
- First public release