Revision history for CGI-FormBuilder-Config-Simple

0.11	Mon May  3 18:44:17 EDT 2010
	Have now added and debugged ->validate_form(),
	->validate_fieldset() and ->validate_field, as well as
	a hook for processing custom_validation_methods defined
	in the configuration file and in the user's module.
	Also have made a thorough review of the perldoc,
	bringing it up to speed with the state of this
	module's development.  Also have crushed a potential
	SQL-injection bug introduced since preceeding version.

0.10 	Thu Apr 22 03:31:30 EDT 2010
	->process_form() now expected to return html

0.09	Sun Apr 18 00:33:57 EDT 2010
	->build_field() now seems to handle 
	a hashref for options attribute.
	got some noise out of logs 
	now accepts and uses $debug_level
	passing it back to the user's methods

0.08 	Sat Apr 17 17:00:20 EDT 2010
	Update perldoc to reflect addition 
	of $debug_level setting
	adding code to handle code references 
	passed from config file to populate 
	options for select boxes
	as well as documentation on how to use it

0.07 	Fri Apr 16 22:15:32 EDT 2010
	Critical Documentation Bug fixed.
	Synopsis had failed to disclose need to 
	use base 'CGI::FormBuilder::Config::Simple';
	nor to set each fieldset with: enabled=1
	Now accepting $debug_level on interface 
	of most methods, and using that to render useful feedback.

0.06 	Fri Apr 16 06:08:09 EDT 2010
	now passing a fair regression test

0.05	Sun Apr 11 00:54:37 EDT 2010
	refactoring this as a stand-alone module

0.01    February 2010, 
	early prototype developed as Politics::Supporters::Volunteer
        First version, though never released to that unsuspecting world.