Mon Oct 18 10:59:00 EST 2004    Jason Purdy <Jason@Purdy.INFO>

	Fixed the 'make test' problem - it was a permissions thing
	where the cgi files had to be executable.  Go figure. ;)

	I also updated the POD documentation AUTHORS section to
	have folks bug me.

Wed Oct 15 11:44:00 EST 2004	Jason Purdy <Jason@Purdy.INFO>

	Updated README file to let folks know I'm the new maintainer of
	this module.  Other than that, nothing else has been changed.

Wed May 30 23:16:46 MEST 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

. Description:

	Fixed HISTORY section.

	Random cleanup in named argument docs, to add the "=>" where it
	should be.

	Removed DFEATURE call from stringify hooks in the Exception
	hierarchy.  With Carp::Datum turned on with argument listing,
	that would cause an infinite recursion.

	Added sub-section on creation routine in the CGI::MxScreen::Screen

	Minor README reformatting.

	Forgot to list all t/ in MANIFEST.

Sun Apr 22 19:31:07 MEST 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

	Version 0.1.0.
	First public alpha release.