Version 0.03: 
	(01 December 1995) Simple Interface + pod 
	    + Added an export tag, ':Simple', and moved the Simple 
	      interface methods	from @EXPORT to @EXPORT_OK.  NOTE:
	      This means that you must say 
		   use CGI::Response qw(:Simple);
	      in order to have access to the Simple Interface
	      functions!  Don't install this version until you've
	      upgraded old scripts which use it.
	    + Set $| = 1 in all Simple Interface functions.  Thanks to
	      Tim Bunce for implementation suggestions.
	    + Added pod (plain old documentation) at the bottom of the file (after the __END__ tag).  Type
	      while in the lib/CGI directory of this distribution in
	      order to read it.  Only the Simple Interface pod is
	      finished; the Full Interface pod will be completed by
	      version 0.07.
	    + Caused the &Redirect Simple Interface function to output
	      a brief HTML page with a link to the redirect for those
	      users whose user-agents do not recognize redirects.
	      Thanks to Randal Schwartz for the idea.
	    + Removed the 'RetryAfter' function, which a number of
	      people have called 'useless' or 'wasted space'.  Let me
	      know if this was your favorite function.

Version 0.021:
	(25 November 1995) Bugfix (CGI::Base coredump)
	    + Removed calls to CGI::Base for environment variables,
	      which were causing a coredump on Irix and Solaris.  This
	      is a temporary fix; future versions will add some sort
	      of support for CGI::Base back in so that MiniSvr
	      applications can use CGI::Response if they wish.  This
	      bugfix may speed up CGI::Response as a side effect,
	      since a CGI::Base object is no longer being created.

Version 0.02:
	(24 November 1995) SelfLoader + update
	    + Added support for SelfLoader, which results in almost a
	      four-times speed increase for Simple Interface
	      applications.  Thanks to Andreas Koenig for
	      implementation notes and suggestions.
	    + Corrected some method calls to LWP::* modules for
	      compatability with version 5b6 of that release.
	    + Added the bare beginnings of a pod (documentation).
	    + Added in some of the trappings of a real release -- a
	      README file, this CHANGES files, a TO-DO list, and a
	      tarfile distribution.
	    + Added a Makefile.PL and MANIFEST file for MakeMaker
	    + I made a valiant effort to to include some tests, but 
	      SelfLoader seems to really screw with -w warnings, so
	      the tests keep failing.  Maybe next release.  For the
	      time being, I've removed the internal self-test from the
	      main file.

Version 0.011:
	(14 August 1995) Maintenance release 
	    + Corrected some 'use' statements to account for new
	      LWP::* release.

Version 0.01: 
	(08 August 1995) First release 
	    + Defined most header values.  
	    + Proposed an interface for 'Simple' or 'Full'
	      applications.  Thanks to Lincoln Stein, Tim Bunce, 
	      Luke Lu, and other CGI-perl list members for their
	      comments on the first release.